Panos Karatzas

  • Karim Sahraoui 1
    Thu 20 Oct 2016

    Interview with Karim Sahraoui

    Hello Karim, how are you?
    I'm good thanks

    We are very happy having you in the USM.
    I'm feeling honored of beeing interviewed by you guys…like what you are doing.

  • Street Outdoors article 1
    Tue 18 Oct 2016

    The Street(s) Outdoors are calling you

    Giannis Pateliotis, Konstantinos Polatidis and Giorgos Zambas are dedicating much of their personal time in a project that Is characterized by passion and hard work. But what is actually this project about? They are organizing one of the biggest and most successful DIY mobile events in Greece. Th...

  • Interview Delano Smith 1
    Sun 21 Aug 2016

    Fast talk with Delano Smith

    The days are passing by and as we’re getting closer to the end of the summer, we are also approaching the launch of the Odyssia Festival - which will be held at Cariocas Beach Bar. Only few days before the beginning o...

  • The five best summer festivals of Electronic music in Greece
    Wed 13 Jul 2016

    The five best summer festivals of Electronic music...

    Summer is eventually here. Some of you have already started your holidays while others are still ‘struggling’ in the city. However, I am going to suggest the 5 best festivals for this summer.

  • Odyssia Festival 2016
    Thu 23 Jun 2016

    Official Line Up Odyssia Festival 2016

    Στις 30 Αυγούστου ο παγκοσμίας κλάσσης collector Gilles Peterson, οι Body & Soul, o Francois Kevorkian και ο θρυλικός Dj Harvey θα βρίσκονται για πρώτη φορά στα decks του Cariocas Beach Bar, στα πλαίσια του πρώτου Odyssia Festival

  • ISON
    Wed 8 Jun 2016

    Interview with Ison

    As every June, again this year, the heart of electronic music beats in Barcelona and Sonar Festival.

    This time is special, because for the first time, there will be a Greek presence in the festival. Reworks Festival will be there with its own curated stage, as part of "We are Europe" progr...

  • DJ Harvey
    Fri 15 Apr 2016

    Odyssia Festival 2016

    Another “Odyssey” starts on 31th of August until the 4th of September, only this time it doesn’t resemble the classic story that we all know. The final destination is not Ithaca, but Cariocas Beach Bar, where it will take place the new music festival c...

  • Carlo Lio
    Sun 10 Apr 2016

    Fast Talk with Carlo Lio

    If music is the Universal language then Toronto Native, Carlo Lio is surely multilingual. It is this universal appeal that has allowed Carlo to speak to so many people without ever having to say a word. His ability to capture sounds and emit them so expressively is a gift. Music has always been a...

  • Interview with Nino Santos & Lightem
    Sun 10 Apr 2016

    Interview with Nino Santos & Lightem

    Two upcoming Djs-Music producers, Spiros Vasileiou and Fotis Mitropoulos, whose love for music brought them together, decided in 2010 to start their collaboration. They have releases in labels such as Lust Und Musik, Zoo:Technique, Tapas Recordings and soon in Monique Musique. We met the...

  • Interview with Jaymod &
    Sun 10 Apr 2016

    Interview with Jaymod &

    Mouhteros Dimitris and Dimitris Andronikou are two, old school Dj’s who are involved in electronic music and mix only vinyl. We talked with them about the electronic music scene in Greece and of course about their great love Vinyl.

    Hi guys.

  • Interview with Imaginary Friend
    Sun 10 Apr 2016

    Interview with Imaginary Friend

    19 year old Vladimir Peilivanidis with the code name Imaginary Friend is the new upcoming talent in Dubstep scene in Greece. Despite his young age has already impressed many with his music productions and has releases in well known labels such as Dubporn Records, Breathe Records and Jazzsteppa Lt...

  • Interview with Echonomist
    Sun 10 Apr 2016

    Interview with Echonomist

    Peter Magganaris was born in 1979 in Thessaloniki. He is one of the most promising talents of electronic music in Greece and abroad with releases in labels like Upon you, Apparel, Back and Forth.
    We met him and talked about his job and his future plans.

    Hello Peter.

  • Interview with Steve Mill
    Sun 10 Apr 2016

    Interview with Steve Mill

    Steve Mill an artist's domestic and not just music scene was born in Thessaloniki. He was been involved with electronic music from an early age, many people have heard his tracks played on popular radio stations I definitely would pick out the 45's Under The Sun by his last album. We talked with...

  • Interview with Mihalis Safras
    Sun 10 Apr 2016

    Interview with Mihalis Safras

    Producer and remixer with releases on labels like Trapez Ltd, Great Stuff Recordings, Save Records, Material and remixes for artists like Dubfire, Martin Eyerer, Butch, Mauro Picotto and many others gives us an exclusive interview in this issue. We talked about his first...

  • Interview with Crisis
    Sun 10 Apr 2016

    Interview with Crisis

    Crises is thelabel owner of MindStep Music and radio presenter on Rinse Fm (106.8FM) in London.He delivers a contemporary blend of music that spans the confinements of a set genre by fusingelements of:Roots, Reggae, Dub, Deep Dubstep, Minimal and Ambient Beats…

    We caught u...

  • Interview with Cosmic Cowboys
    Sat 9 Apr 2016

    Interview with Cosmic Cowboys

    In this issue of Urban Style Mag our guest are Cosmic Cowboys one of the most dynamic duo in Italian electronic scene Nicola Sansoniand KaledJabari. We talked with them about thebeginning of their career,dreamsandtheir uprisinglabelBack and Forth.

    Hello Nico and Kaled.

  • Interview with Square Room Heroes
    Sat 9 Apr 2016

    Interview with Square Room Heroes

    As almost every issue of USM features interviews of remarkable Greek producers, it was about time we presented Square Room Heroes. The dynamic duo which consists of George Boronas and George Delkos talks about their project, the situation of the Greek electronic music scene and how it evolves, an...

  • Fast talk with STEVE LAWLER & DETLEF
    Sat 9 Apr 2016

    Fast talk with STEVE LAWLER & DETLEF

    Who were you inspired by in your lives and careers?
    Steve - Kindness inspires me, when people are at their best they inspire me.
    Alex - My father has been an inspiration to me, teaching me how to become a good person. In my career I get inspired all the time by people w...

  • Stathis Lazarides
    Tue 5 Apr 2016

    Interview with Stathis Lazarides

    UrbanStyleMag is having an exclusive chat with Stathis Lazarides, preeminent producer and resident DJ of the Mykonian legend of a venue, Cavo Paradiso, which celebrates its 20 years anniversary this summer. He talks about the way he reflects on music, his sound, about the East London scene, his r...

  • Viva España! Off Sonar 2013
    Tue 5 Apr 2016

    Viva España! Off events 2013

    10th of June, 10 a.m. We find ourselves along with friends, acquaintances and unknown people, who all- due to the excitement- feel like friends, at Macedonia airport. Official destination, Barcelona. Unofficial, one of the best mucical experiences of 2013.

  • Alles Claap vol. 1
    Tue 5 Apr 2016

    Alles Claap vol. 1

    Alles Claap vol. 1, the first compilation by Claap Recordings, features 8 tracks remixed by artists we love, namely Jerome Sydenham, Jimpster, D'Julz, Santonio Echols, Manoo, Oskar Offermann, as well as a brand new tune by the label owner, GummiHz, titled ‘Intensity’.

    The stunning result p...

  • Rhadoo - Fabric 72
    Tue 5 Apr 2016

    Rhadoo - Fabric 72

    Rhadoo strikes again, this time participating in the Fabric compilation series along with all his friends, who have joined him in this exciting musical voyage.

    All the productions brought forth by this vigorous Romanian, describe next year’s new sound wave. A true aural pleasure; fresh, si...

  • Tom Trago
    Tue 5 Apr 2016

    Interview with Tom Trago

    Amsterdam- based DJ and producer, Tom Trago, is well-known for his unique and distinguishing sound. A sound whose description would be rather poor if explained as merely a blend of various genres and musical elements, even though that catalogue appears to be somewhat endless.

  • Tony Lionni
    Tue 5 Apr 2016

    Interview with Tony Lionni

    Tony Lionni comes from a multi-cultural family, with European as well as African origins. His music enthusiast father inspired his love for music and initiated him to the sounds of soul, funk, jazz-funk, amongst others.

  • Fog & Arara Interview
    Sun 27 Mar 2016

    Fog & Arara Interview

    Achilles and Nikos - aka Fog & Arara - are of those artists who disprove the biased notion that Greece lacks of talent and originality.

    Good evening Niko and Achilles.

  • Ralph Lawson
    Sun 27 Mar 2016

    Ralph Lawson Interview

    Keywords 2020vision Recordings ..

  • Butch
    Sat 26 Mar 2016

    Interview with Butch

    His bio, impressive right from the start, goes like this: “Over a hundred releases in five years, with labels of legendary artists such as Ricardo Villalobos,  Sven Vath and  Radioslave, to name a few. He was voted “producer of the year...

  • Deetron
    Sat 26 Mar 2016

    Interview with Deetron

    The Bern-raised, Swiss Sam Geiser, is the man behind the Deetron alias. Musical loves of his life have been Hip-Hop and Jazz, while Jeff Mills has been his main influence.

  • Gummihz
    Sat 26 Mar 2016

    Interview with Gummihz

    Alexander Tsotsos,  known to many as Gummihz, recently launched his own record label.
    We talked together and discussed a bit  about his work and his new

    Hello Alexander.
    Wish you a good start for Claap and we wer...

  • Fast talk w/ Makam
    Sun 26 Apr 2015

    Fast talk w/ Makam

    Tell us five things about you, that you feel a fan of yours has to know.
    - I was born and raised in Den Haag city
    - I'm allergic to bananas
    - My studio is above a hearing aid store
    - I love beatiful things
    - My sleep record is 22 hrs straight

  • Amphion Team Interview
    Sun 10 Apr 2011

    Amphion Team Interview

    It's a new group, based for a year now in Greece. We met them and talked about electronic scene and the events they're organizing.

  • Mangali
    Fri 3 Sep 2010


    Four years ago, the music scene of Berlin gained another hot spot, the  Mangali. The word Mangali soon connected with a series of summer parties in open areas in which many famous and talented artists took part in  such as Mymy, Konrad Black, M.a.n.d.y., Pan-Pot, Anja schneider, Margeret Dygas, S...

  • Interview with John Hellson
    Sat 10 Apr 2010

    Interview with John Hellson

    Hi John.