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  • USM Recordings
    Wed 21 Oct 2020

    USM Recordings demo submissions are open

    Dear electronic music producers and frequency explorers, we would like to inform you that from now we are accepting demos. We are looking forward for your creations.

    PS. We do not download demos so please send private links to Soundclou...

  • Electronic Music Equipment
    Fri 16 Oct 2020

    Equipment donation and workshops postponed due to...

    We hope soon to left behind this situation with the minimum loss and go forward with more consciousness and respect to ourselfs and to the people around us. We will keep you updated. Beautiful things are gonna follow.
    Stay safe.

  • Reworks Connekt 26 - 27 September 2020
    Wed 16 Sep 2020

    Reworks Connekt 26 - 27 September 2020

    Reworks press release:

    Following our last announcement first and foremost we would like to thank you for your patience and continued support.

  • Electronic Music Production
    Wed 16 Sep 2020

    Electronic Music Production and Dj workshops in Gr...

    Great artists from the electronic music scene of Greece are offering workshops for electronic music production and djing. We are sharing with you some information that maybe are useful for you.


    Mikael Delta

    Services & Topics
    Sound Synthesis, Drum...

  • USM Recordings Showcase
    Fri 4 Sep 2020

    USM Recordings Showcase - Summer 2020

    This is the first USM Recordings podcast, recorded in the abandoned hotel in Vatera, Lesvos island, Greece. The timing, the people and the location was right to make it happen and we are glad to share with you this special moment. AgainstMe, Icarus in love & Mic Meimaroglou presents sounds, i...

  • USM Recordings
    Sat 20 Jun 2020

    USM Recordings Bandcamp Special Offer

    USM Recordings Bandcamp Offer!
    Grab a physical release from our catalogue and
    get a 50% discount card for your next purchase.

    The discount includes all our discography.

    Available physical releases:
    Aithale - I'm The Tree LP

  • ear
    Fri 1 May 2020

    Protect this precious organ if you love sound freq...

    Like vision and all the other senses, hearing begins with transduction. Sound waves that are collected by our ears are converted into neural impulses, which are sent to the brain where they are integrated with past experience and interpreted as the sounds we experience. The human ear is sensitive...

  • USM Donation
    Wed 8 Jan 2020

    USM needs your support

    Since 2008 USM has supported without any fees numerous independent artists, music labels and music professionals from around the globe. Through our platform we help with passion and love, music professionals for discoverability and recognition, so it's really important to have your support.

  • Electronic Music Studio
    Sat 28 Dec 2019

    Music and Sound Equipment has arrived

    2019 is coming to an end but we've managed to have the first package in our studio ready for donation! The social project Electronic Seikilos running since January 2017. 
    Since then, through digital sales of the compilation and a workshop, we gathered the first amount to get...

  • Tue 24 Dec 2019

    Best wishes for year 2020

    With so many wishes that we exchange every year on Christmas Day, our daily lives should be filled with happiness, moments of love and solidarity with fellow human beings. Instead, nothing has changed for centuries now, and it has not changed because the problem lies within us all.

    If we w...

  • Sonar Athens 2019
    Thu 17 Oct 2019

    Sonar Athens 2019 Review

    We attent to the first Sonar Athens event to support the advancement of electronic music in Greece. Having attended Sonar events in Barcelona we can say that the first Sonar Athens had a positive sign and we look forward to seeing it develop in the next years. An audiovisual experience is impossi...

  • Equipment Donation
    Mon 23 Sep 2019

    Equipment Donation

    We are pleased to announce that we have raised € 500 to buy a synthesizer and a pair of monitor speakers. The equipment will be delivered to a non-profit carer which host minor children. The name of the NGO will be announced soon. The equipment will be donated and presented to the children by the...

  • Sonar Athens 2019
    Thu 12 Sep 2019

    Sonar Athens 2019 full line up

    11th and 12th  October 2019
    SonarClub, SonarHall, SonarLab


    Sónar Athens adds twelve new names to its line-up, including Alan Fitzpatrick, Enrico Sangiuliano, La Fleur and Recondite.

    Alan Fitzpatrick
    CJ J...

  • Reworks Festival Poster
    Fri 6 Sep 2019

    Reworks 15th edition


    The sun-filled music gathering returns for its 15th edition from 19 to 22 September 2019, Thessaloniki Greece.

  • Reworks Festival 2019
    Tue 4 Jun 2019

    Reworks Festival 2019

    This September Reworks celebrates its 15th edition with a great line up.

  • Sónar 2019
    Thu 21 Feb 2019

    More than 40 new artists added to the line up for...

    New additions include Underworld, Arca, Four Tet, Vince Staples, Kaytranada, Holly Herndon, Leon Vynehall, Jlin, Daphni, Dengue Dengue Dengue, Fennesz, DJ Koze, Red Axes and Body & Soul.

    This year's July edition of Sónar Barcelona will represent the full spectrum of contemporary electr...

  • Sónar Athens 2019
    Wed 20 Feb 2019

    Sónar Athens 2019

    Sónar Athens is the Greek edition of the pioneering international festival of electronic music and digital arts, based in Barcelona.

    Athens is one of the oldest cities in Europe, the birthplace of democracy and theatre, and with a history of promoting the arts and philosophy stretching bac...

  • Electronic Seikilos
    Thu 27 Dec 2018

    Electronic Seikilos - Introduction to Electronic M...

    On Saturday 8th December, the first action of Electronic Seikilos was held to financially support the project. "Kalos Agogos" hosted the first workshop in the city of Heraklio...

  • Amsterdam Dance Event 2018
    Mon 15 Oct 2018

    Amsterdam Dance Event 2018

    The 23rd edition of ADE takes place from October 17th to the 21st.

    Conference program complete

    ADE Pro, BeamLab, Beats, Green, MusicTalks, Sound Lab, Tech and University will deliver a diverse lineup of panels covering many aspects of life in the electronic scene....

  • Synth
    Sat 13 Oct 2018

    Open Seminars for Children

    Electronic Seikilos is a non profit social action to bring children closer to electronic sound and to broaden their horizons. We believe that Electronic Seikilos will become an inspiration to push the children towards to music production. They will learn through music, love, teamwork, effort and...

  • Music and Dance
    Sat 13 Oct 2018

    Why are people excited about attending to electron...

    Music is joy, music is expression, music is a way that brings us closer to our true self. Dance and music together are an ideal combination to lead the individual to an ecstasy, lead to the place where time, identity, gender, name, problems have no place.  Love for something common, music and dan...

  • Raw view of Sónar Festival 2018
    Sun 2 Sep 2018

    Raw view of Sónar Festival 2018

    Sónar Festival is one of the leading music festivals worldwide, with pure vision and cultural value. For another one year UrbanStyleMag was there to grab the vibe of Sónar's 25' years anniversary.
    Sónar Festival has became a big worldwide family gathering that take place in the multicultural...

  • Reworks Agora 2018
    Sun 19 Aug 2018

    Reworks Agora 2018

    Agora in Ancient Greece was the gathering place where free citizens discussed and found solutions to important issues, and that is precisely the goal of Reworks Agora today. To be the place where forward thinking will approach the future vision for creativity and in which the public will discover...

  • Reworks Festival 2018
    Sun 19 Aug 2018

    Reworks 2018 Line Up

    Reworks adds Matthew Herbert, Redshape, Francois X, Kangding Ray, Bjarki, Inga Mauer, Guy Andrews, Kerala Dust, Charlotte Bendiks, Viken Arman, Volkova, Paul Anthonee and Hill Of Vision in the program. Soon more names will be announced.

  • Music Showcase Greece 2018
    Tue 14 Aug 2018

    Ανακοινώθηκαν οι 20 μπάντες/καλλιτέχνες που θα συμ...

    Μετά από πλήθος αιτήσεων που ξεπέρασαν κάθε προσδοκία, καλλιτεχνικό επίπεδο που εκτόξευσε τον ανταγωνισμό και συμμετοχές διαφορετικών μουσικών ειδών που έδωσαν χρώμα στο 1 ο Music Showcase της Ελλάδας, οι 20 μπάντες/καλλιτέχνες καθώς και οι 5 αναπληρωματικές που θα συστηθούν στο διεθνές μουσικό α...

  • Sónar
    Wed 25 Jul 2018

    Sónar's 25th anniversary

    Sónar 2018 closes its most successful edition with 126,000 attendees from 119 countries, while Sónar+D has had the participation of 5,900 professionals from 3,300 entities and companies. The festival has brought together 64,000 people in Sónar by Day and 62,000 in Sónar by Night, and the distribu...

  • Music Showcase Greece
    Fri 20 Jul 2018

    Music Showcase Greece

    Το opencall του Music Showcase Greece ολοκληρώθηκε με πλήθος αιτήσεων

  • Reworks Festival 2018
    Wed 27 Jun 2018

    REWORKS 2018

    REWORKS, the sun-filled music gathering that takes place in Thessaloniki, Greece every September, is happy to welcome a wonderful selection of artists for its 14th edition.
    Τhe line up of Reworks, as its formed after the 2nd Announcement of Acts is listed alphabetically below.


  • Reborn Festival 2018 - Electronic Seikilos
    Sun 24 Jun 2018

    Electronic Seikilos support by Reborn Festival 201...

    The team of Reborn Festival, Lemnos supports Electronic Seikilos cause and this August they will offer the music compilation during the festival. All the income from the sales of the compilation will support the cause...

  • Electronic Seikilos - Homcore
    Sun 24 Jun 2018

    Homcore, Synthesizers & Vinyl - Electronic Sei...

    Press Release

    "From tomorrow and all summer, Homcore will be open on Sundays.

    This Sunday, Homcore celebrates the most melodious institution of all, the European Music Festival, where music is available for free.

    Wed 23 May 2018


    This November apply for the 1st Music Showcase of Greece, perform on the most historical music stages of Thessaloniki and introduce yourself to international producers, organizers and art directors of the largest festivals on the planet!

  • Sónar Transmission
    Fri 20 Apr 2018

    Sónar Transmission

    Sónar's second transmission to Luytens Star b takes place on 14, 15 and 16 May. The potentially life supporting exoplanet is located 12.4 light years from Earth, more than 120 billion kilometres away.

    The transmission will also include 3 pieces of music created by festival contest winners,...

  • Vincent Marlice - Synesthesia
    Mon 9 Apr 2018

    Vincent Marlice - Synesthesia

    Born in Hamburg but raised between New York City and Santiago de Chile, Vincent Marlice’s background is as varied as his experience as a musician. Starting at a very young age, he began with the classical guitar where he later switched to electric guitar while playing in various punk bands. Durin...

  • Yonatan Rukhman - Anog (CTRL SHIFT DEFEAT Remix)
    Mon 9 Apr 2018

    Yonatan Rukhman - Anog (CTRL SHIFT DEFEAT Remix)

    In 1990 the song “Anog” by Israeli band “Noar Shulayim” was released, bringing a new and and exciting message on sexual identity and freedom, backed by the extrovert image of the lead singer, Mickiyagi.

  • Punky Wash - Rock'in
    Mon 9 Apr 2018

    Punky Wash - Rock'in

    ARTIST: Punky Wash
    TITLE: Rock'in
    LABEL: Famille Electro records
    CAT. #: FAMILLE56
    GENRE: House - Deep house
    FORMAT: Digital
    RELEASE DATE: 09/04/2018

    01. Rock'in (Original Mix)
    02. Not a love song (Original Mix)

  • Mon 9 Apr 2018

    Moon talk - Summit


  • Drake - God's Plan
    Mon 9 Apr 2018

    Drake - God's Plan

    More sounds and info

  • ritish Murder Boys -  Hate is such a strong word (Mirror Image Remix)
    Mon 9 Apr 2018

    ritish Murder Boys - Hate is such a strong word (...

    More sounds and info

  • Mr. Fingers - Full Moon
    Mon 9 Apr 2018

    Mr. Fingers - Full Moon

    Following the release of the critically acclaimed album track ‘Electron’, house music pioneer Larry Heard has unveiled another taste of new music from his legendary Mr. Fingers project, ‘Full Moon’. Taken from the first Mr. Fingers album in nearly 25 years ‘Cerebral Hemispheres’, ‘Full Moon’ is a...

  • The Ultraverse - Home pt. II - Tom Zeta Remix
    Mon 9 Apr 2018

    The Ultraverse - Home pt. II - Tom Zeta Remix

    Introducing the Tom Zeta remix of 'Home pt. II', a record pulled from our 'A Wiser Man' EP.Tom Zeta recently picked up the attention from revered underground artist Solomun & last December, went onto sign his Cargo EP to Diynamic - subsequently securing airwave love from Pete Tong on BBC Radi...

  •  Biskuwi - Norse
    Mon 9 Apr 2018

    Biskuwi - Norse

    Yalcin Efe, aka “biskuwi”, is a Stockholm based electronic music producer whose involvement with music has spanned more than 20 years. His musical journey commenced at 7, when he started playing with toy pianos and pretty much anything that could produce notes. Shortly after, he found himself tak...

  • Barchi - Thugh Night
    Mon 9 Apr 2018

    Barchi - Thugh Night

    Thug Night explores Dark Techno. With danceable yet atmospheric synths.

  • Liquido - Nattevandring EP
    Fri 6 Apr 2018

    Liquido - Nattevandring EP

    PA006 – Liquido: Nattevandring EP

    This sixth release on Pattern Abuse includes some of Copenhagen’s most interesting talent, and is no doubt the strongest release on the label yet. Fitting perfectly into the label ethos of releasing tracks that work equally for the mind and the dancefloor....

  • Dominik Krammer - Strings 173 (Original Mix)
    Mon 26 Mar 2018

    Dominik Krammer - Strings 173 (Original Mix)

    Spektrum eins is the first release by the aspiring Stuttgart based label WEVIEW. Established in early 2016 as a dj and producer collective, WEVIEW has been evolving fast ever since. After throwing various wild partys around their hometown the next step was taking it to a whole new level and kick...

  • Ornery & JP Lantieri - Distance EP
    Mon 26 Mar 2018

    Ornery & JP Lantieri - Distance EP

    Close your eyes and let JP Lantieri & Ornery's truly cosmic Distance EP take you on a celestial journey like no other, way out to the far reaches of the universe.

  • Eric Shans, Riccicomoto - Hold On To Me (Riccicomoto Deep Session)
    Mon 26 Mar 2018

    Eric Shans, Riccicomoto - Hold On To Me (Riccicomo...

    We're happy to present one of the 3Bridge Records label heads, Eric Shans' new release- the 'Hold On To Me EP'. And proudly, we welcome the fantastic producer Riccicomoto (aka Enrico Regini) to the label offering 2 amazing remixes, as well as vocalist Uliya who's featured on the track 'Move'.

  •  Claptone - Stay The Night feat. TENDER
    Mon 26 Mar 2018

    Claptone - Stay The Night feat. TENDER

    Claptone collaborates with London duo TENDER for ‘Stay The Night’, a brooding and intense electronic stomper.

    The second glimpse of Claptone’s sophomore album ‘Fantast’ set for release on Different Recordings / [PIAS] on 8th June 2018.

    Last month Claptone revealed artwork and trackl...

  • Satin Jackets & David Harks - Through The Night
    Mon 26 Mar 2018

    Satin Jackets & David Harks - Through The Nigh...

    Following on from last summer's hit collaboration 'Northern Lights', Satin Jackets and David Harks have joined forces once more for the new single, 'Through The Night'. A smooth, late night track that once again pairs SJ's crisp beats, warm production and sophisticated melodies with David's soulf...

  • Amari & Nico Morano feat. Jinadu - Desire
    Mon 26 Mar 2018

    Amari & Nico Morano feat. Jinadu - Desire

    From the glassy strings to Jinadu’s longing vocals and the deliciously clean low end, Amari & Nico Morano’s debut on DAYS like NIGHTS leave fans wanting more time and time again. Emotive and intangible, ‘Desire’ is what our love for music all roots down to and this track makes sure we get to...

  • TiTLEZ - Fame
    Mon 26 Mar 2018

    TiTLEZ - Fame

    "À Paris, à Milan, à Berlin, il y a tellement de gens célèbres…"

    Second single from the upcoming EP titled “Fame" is putting a modern twist on the classical notion of the concept of fame. With the power of the Internet in today‘s world and careers being made overnight, what does it take to...

  • Carly Foxx - Love Thing
    Mon 26 Mar 2018

    Carly Foxx - Love Thing - Love Story Recordings

    Based in London, Carly Foxx is an Australian DJ and music producer with releases to date on Danse Club, Stealth and Natura Viva Records. Her steady stream of dynamic mixtapes incorporate US style house, acid, and disco, with a penchant for the 90’s.

  • Luttrell - Intergalactic Plastic
    Mon 26 Mar 2018

    Luttrell - Intergalactic Plastic

    Luttrell returns to Anjunadeep with his first release of 2018, the three track ‘Intergalactic Plastic EP’. Following his acclaimed single ‘Contact’ which was heavily supported by Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1, Luttrell now showcases his peak-time sound across three melodic cuts. Luttrell plays 20 date...

  • James Bratch - Drop It Can't Stop It Ep (The CoCreators Disco Teck Mix)
    Mon 26 Mar 2018

    James Bratch - Drop It Can't Stop It Ep

    In the last 12 months, James Bratch has been winning thousands of fans over as one of the main stay DJs on Love Vibration Nation's Love Is The Answer Radio Show broadcast in London-New York with world wide syndication.
    Delivering time after time on funky feel good mixes on the show-James Bra...

  •  Rites of Fall - Eden (Last Days)
    Mon 26 Mar 2018

    Rites of Fall - Eden (Last Days)

    Rites of Fall dissolves boundaries between past and future musical traditions. Originated inexperime nts with placing religious and folk music elements in new contexts, the project evolved into

  • Luciid - Ring Her
    Sun 18 Mar 2018

    Luciid - Ring Her

    Luciid is the fresh new alias of renowned Irish DJ Luke Pollock. Luke has seen notable success in Ireland on the Deep House circuit, and at the tender young age of 19 has only until recently been unable to drink in the venues he commands. With a new alias comes a new focus, and Luciid focuses on...

  • Funk X Rish - Pop It
    Thu 15 Mar 2018

    Funk X Rish - Pop It (Original Mix)

    Latest release on Claps Records is a new single by the Toronto based duo FunkXRish.The project is titled "Pop it", and consists of a massive Tech House track with a killa bass lines and grooving funky drums.The package is completed with an housy remix by Dj Freespirit,  legendary resident of Cavo...

  • Dyku112 - Peer Pressure
    Thu 15 Mar 2018

    Dyku112 - Peer Pressure


  •  OLSEN Alone Feat. Nat Conway - OLSEN
    Thu 15 Mar 2018

    OLSEN Alone Feat. Nat Conway - OLSEN

    2016 Australian Independent Music Awards DJ/Producer of the Year, Sydney’s OLSEN, has a distinct sound which is a blend of percussive grooves and sub-bass lines, mixing his love of funk and house music.

  • Krampelli - Revelation
    Thu 15 Mar 2018

    Krampelli - Revelation EP

    Krampelli, a NY based house and tech house DJ and music producer, has been working on his craft since 2014. First learning to DJ, he then started focusing on producing his own tracks, with his first release coming in  August of 2017. Being influenced by lots of different genres including house, t...

  • BBR - Hardage feat. Jon Junior - Playing Your Game (Remixes I / II)
    Thu 15 Mar 2018

    BBR - Hardage feat. Jon Junior - Playing Your Game...

    Exclusive Worldwide Premiere of the remixes pack during the BBR and Madzone Generation EGGLondon party ( with Franco Moiraghi, Spellband, Paolo Madzone Zampetti, Enea DJ and Dave Mun (16/12/2017)
    From the Electronic Soul due...

  • Tue 13 Mar 2018

    SHMLSS - Train Ride To The Middle East (Marvin...

    A year from its original release Train Ride to the Middle East' by SHMLSS continues to make its presence felt in the sets of forward thinking DJs. In respect of its continued popularity Eskimo have now given it the full 12" treatment, complete with a brand new remix from Italian duo Marvin &...

  • Francisco Allendes - Montana
    Tue 13 Mar 2018

    Francisco Allendes - Montana

    Francisco Allendes, Chilean DJ and producer now residing in Ibiza, is one of the hottest talents of the contemporary dance music scene. Active since early last decade, Allendes has grown over the years, releasing music for some of the most prestigious labels in the techno / house scene such as De...

  • Jason Chance & Michelle Weeks - Live Your Life
    Tue 13 Mar 2018

    Jason Chance & Michelle Weeks - Live Your Life

    Jason Chance is back on the mighty Toolroom Records with his new single ’Live Your Life' featuring Michelle Weeks on vocal hook duty, out now on Beatport as part of the Toolroom Miami 2018 compilation
    Buy your copy via the link here:...

  • Emilie Nana - I Rise (Original)
    Tue 13 Mar 2018

    Emilie Nana - I Rise (Original)

    A year after the release of her brilliant debut album THE MEETING LEGACY, Emilie Nana returns to the front of the scene with a stunning new single, reciting the poem “Still I Rise” by American poet, author and civil rights activist, Maya Angelou in her very own, personal way.

  • 2 Tall Keith and Noel Sanger
    Tue 13 Mar 2018

    2 Tall Keith and Noel Sanger - Underground Feelin...

    2 Tall Keith & Noel Sanger the Florida Veteran DJ’s / Producers have teamed up to bring you a proper underground tech house track .

    This hypnotic groove was geared more for the late nights and early morning after parties with a unique powerful male vocal to carry the mood , also featur...

  • At Dawn - Nightfall
    Tue 13 Mar 2018

    At Dawn - Nightfall

    All Bandcamp proceeds of this song go the the SF nonprofit Friends of the Urban Forest, who plant numerous trees around the city in an effort to improve quality of life.



  • Warren Fellow - Elision
    Sat 10 Mar 2018

    Warren Fellow - Elision

    Stickrsound proudly presents a Dutch deejay/producer that has proven itself in the Tech House/Techno scene; Warren Fellow. His unique sound brought him from Mexico to Germany and from Spain to China. Elision is the latest of his hand on Dutch imprint Stickrsound. He continues to reflect the energ...

  • Trevy - Come With Me
    Sat 10 Mar 2018

    Trevy - Come With Me

    As a child in his hometown of Cali, Colombia, Trevy developed his love for music playing the piano. He started his passion for electronic music after being in a concert of a highly renowned DJ. Trevy felt the desire of giving people the same emotions he felt that night at that concert. Since then...

  • Space Above - Leave Home (Edit Select Remix)
    Fri 9 Mar 2018

    Space Above - Leave Home (Edit Select Remix)

    Space Above is the side project of Aaron Short, the New Zealand artist best known as producer and keyboardist for The Naked and Famous. Alongside fellow kiwis, Sam McCarthy (BOYBOY) and Maddie North (So Below), Space Above strays from pop structures in an exp...

  • Mayten - Deprive Us
    Sun 4 Mar 2018

    Mayten - Deprive Us

    Mayten: I'm a Latvian artist, producer and DJ based in Seattle, making unique listenable electronic music. My music is inspired by both downtempo and dance music, trying to find the balance between experimental and driving, emotional yet breezy. My...

  • Messy & The Gang - We Are Leaving
    Sun 4 Mar 2018

    Messy & The Gang - We Are Leaving

    Messy & The Gang: "We Are Leaving" is the opening track from my upcoming Ep " A New Principle ".

    Messy & The Gang is a project started in Berlin with the collaboration of many artists and producers.

    I came up with the idea of building a...

  • OhmField - IHT
    Sun 4 Mar 2018

    OhmField - IHT

    OhmField is an electronic producer from London, UK. With an eclectic range of influences, his music blends contemporary sounds with other, more conventional elements.


  • Hatis Noit - Illogical Lullaby (Matmos Edit)
    Sun 4 Mar 2018

    Hatis Noit - Illogical Lullaby (Matmos Edit)

    Japanese vocal performer Hatis Noit reveals the Matmos edit of ‘Illogical Lullaby’ accompanied by striking visuals directed by Yoshiko Akita. The ‘Illogical Dance’ EP, out 23rd March 2018, is an arresting 4-track record creating unique song-worlds with transcendent vocal interpretations that at o...

  • Styline & Mojavee - Right Now
    Sun 4 Mar 2018

    Styline & Mojavee - Right Now

    Power House producer Styline and Mexican newcomer Mojavee continue their creative hot streak with new single ‘Right Now’, out today via European imprint PinkStar. Combining big basslines, driving percussion and sparse, filtered, looping vocal samples that roll up against each other, ‘Right Now’ i...

  • Khåen - Cede Of David
    Sun 4 Mar 2018

    Khåen - Cede Of David

    Scandinavian artist profoundly fascinated by the long nights and cold surroundings he finds himself in. Cede Of David built up around a simple synth-brass lead line, and oozing of a certain class you seldom hear.


  • Nima Khaste - Live set
    Sun 4 Mar 2018

    Nima Khaste - Live set

    Nima Khaste is an Iranian London based Music Producer, with years of experience in the industry. Part of the Successful Due Whilk and Misky, working with Island records/Universal, Sony publishing, Rocket music Management, and other sync agencies.


  • Mirage Island - Everflowing Fountain
    Sun 4 Mar 2018

    Mirage Island - Everflowing Fountain

    This is the most reflective and first ambient techno track on this 4-track EP by Mirage Island. The EP is continuous-play, telling a story about an isolated visit to a peaceful, hidden spiritual place. Mirage Island is a collaborative project which focuses on environment, this track provides sett...

  • Mirror Image - Unfriendly
    Sun 4 Mar 2018

    Mirror Image - Unfriendly



  • S.O.S Bloodline - The Editor Remix
    Sun 4 Mar 2018

    S.O.S - Bloodline (The Editor Remix)

    S.O.S says; “The concept behind Bloodline stemmed from the notion that society tend to treat and think about people who don’t fall into the ‘norm’ category, differently.

  •  HOLY PINK - Fragrant
    Sun 4 Mar 2018

    HOLY PINK - Fragrant

    HOLY PINK somehow manages to capture the sense of smell through audio and visual alone in their debut video, 'Fragrant.' Oscillating synths blossom as vibrant pink visuals and sweet-scented flowers dance across screen. Leading woman Anna Wallace begins to sing through a bizarre vocoder, prompting...

  • Manara - Ave Brasil
    Sun 4 Mar 2018

    Manara - Ave Brasil

    Manara is the offspring of a very peculiar and prolific age of Rio’s fin de siècle nightlife, one harbored by legendary venue Dama de Ferro and helmed by some of the luminaries of our late 2000’s decade contemporary scene. A time-place in which forged tastes, skills, tools and inclinations that m...

  • Ikeaboy - Living in the Future
    Sun 4 Mar 2018

    Ikeaboy - Living in the Future

    Damian Tubbritt has been making his own brand of machine music since 1999, originally getting into production as a way to promote his djing. Around 2001 he began playing hardware based live techno/electro sets in his home town's club scene. He moved into teaching music production full time in 200...

    Sun 4 Mar 2018



  • Dreamalot - Lunar Landing
    Wed 28 Feb 2018

    Dreamalot - Lunar Landing

    Dreamalot is a Canadian artist residing in Vancouver Canada. Dreamalot's deep, dreamy, smooth and dark style of house/techno music production have earned his tracks downloads on Beatport, features on blogs, playlists on Spotify and appearances in feature films, animations and documentaries.

  • Sónar 2018
    Tue 27 Feb 2018

    Sónar 2018 program is now completed

    Among the 50 new artists joining the program are Demdike Stare, Sophie, Yaeji, IAMDDB, Jenny Hval, Miss Kittin & Kim Ann Foxman, Alizzz, Liberato and Objekt, as well as 2manydjs, who will also play the closing DJ set at Sónar by Day on Saturday 16 June.

    The Sónar 2018 international tou...

  • Nanonoise - Cocoon
    Sat 24 Feb 2018

    Nanonoise - Cocoon

    Nanonoise was born in and raised in Belgium and was already interested in electronic music from a young age, when he was clung to the radio to record tracks from late-night techno shows on cassette tapes.

  • Creer - Povestea Lumea
    Fri 23 Feb 2018

    Creer - Povestea Lumea

    "My name is Vlad, i’ve been writing music for about 12 years now... I was writing heavy dubstep at the time only a few years back got to understand where I want to go with my music. I want to create a more friendly atmosphere, I want people to dance, not just mosh! My...

  • Jake Kaiser - Panthera
    Fri 23 Feb 2018

    Jake Kaiser - Panthera


    I am Jake Kaiser based out of San Francisco and Panthera is the first track of my very first EP "Techno Time".

  • Boomdoc - Steppin On The Town
    Thu 22 Feb 2018

    Boomdoc - Steppin On The Town

    AGROOVES010 Boomdoc - Lowda EP

    The tenth release on NexGen's Affectionate Grooves sees debut artist Boomdoc take center stage, bringing us 4 slabs of upbeat steppin' house. This EP is straight up four-on-the-floor party music with inspiration taken from the roots of house’s "golden" years....

  • NHOAH - 120 Red Skies
    Thu 22 Feb 2018

    NHOAH - 120 Red Skies

    Berlin-based electronic artist ​NHOAH shares latest single, ​‘120 Red Skies’ on 23rd February via ​R.O.T respectolerate Records. ​This follows the success of ​‘z​ u Remixen’ containing breathtaking remixes by ​UK acid-house architects ​808 State and London-based IDM ​pioneer ​μ-Ziq​, ​NHOAH shows...

  • Karmaâ, Dirty Groove - And It Goes Like This
    Thu 22 Feb 2018

    Karmaâ, Dirty Groove - And It Goes Like This (Orig...

    Knowed as a wrestler with his side project PRO7, Karmaâ is the new identity of this talented producer from Toulouse. He brings us to a new dimension with ethereal and deep tracks tinged with analog and ethnic influences.
    He already played on massive events along with Maceo Plex, Tale Of Us,...

  • Zosia - Water (Remix by ALFi)
    Thu 22 Feb 2018

    Zosia - Water (Remix by ALFi)

    Zosia is many things. She is a singer, producer, and songwriter living in Los Angeles. She is a dark-pop lyricist inspired by the philosophies of Isaac Asimov and Pythagoras. She is the spirit of her grandmother, a seamstress who fled Poland during World War II for a better life. “I always admire...

  • Wolfmind - Inside
    Thu 22 Feb 2018

    Wolfmind - Inside

    Drawn from the spirit of The XX, The Knife and acid house, Wolfmind evokes the subconscious narrative that lies beneath folk tales of ancient forests and mythical creatures. New frontiers are explored through acid scorched songs that work on both underground dancefloors and festival stages. The p...

  •  Billy Hammer - Let It All Go
    Wed 21 Feb 2018

    Billy Hammer - Let It All Go

    A unique blend of soulful house and psychedelic rock, set to release on Friday, February 23rd. Features Billy playing guitar, piano, and Moog synth.


    Wed 21 Feb 2018


    Huge Salute and a really warm welcome to Max Cavalerra! Its a big pleasure for Electunes Records to sign this outstanding and smart artist and his blasting and intelligent Techno tracks. "TIMEWARP" pulsatile raw analogue sound with a racy synthline and hypnotic repetition of the arpeggiated hook....

  • Kyrro - Out of Seasons
    Wed 21 Feb 2018

    Kyrro - Out of Seasons

    We have the pleasure to announce that Kyrro, an Amsterdam based DJ/Producer will be releasing his debut EP Out of Seasons on our imprint 1302 Records. We are very excited about this release because it will start shaping the sound of our up and coming label.

  •  Flex Gordon - Rain City
    Wed 21 Feb 2018

    Flex Gordon - Rain City

    Toronto based ambient/downtempo producer Flex Gordon has been featured on Radio Onde Furlane (Italy), Give It A Spin, We Chill You,, ThatNewJam, EDMCharts, Mystic Sons, River Beats, Gems and Secrets, Tech Me House, The Eternity Network, Ride the Tempo, Heroboard, and AcidTed. His...

  • inviZAble
    Wed 21 Feb 2018

    inviZAble - 'iThongo Lam'

    A master of staging creative Guerrilla performances through the guise of the most acclaimed Commander to ever lead the 1st corps, the renowned advisor to The Imperial House of Africa, DJ INVIZABLE. This mythical being who travelled from a distant highland tribe and never speaks in tongue, has bee...

  • Vincent Marlice - Blossom
    Wed 21 Feb 2018

    Vincent Marlice - Blossom

    Born in Hamburg, raised in New York City and Santiago de Chile. Currently based in Berlin, Germany.

    Having performed in renowned stages like Lollapalooza and Mysteryland (with his past project Mecanico), Vincent Marlice, music producer and singer/songwriter, starts his solo career with two...

  • Boge -That Uh
    Wed 21 Feb 2018

    Boge -That Uh

    Helge Boge, is for most people known as DJ Boge.

  • Atella feat. AURORA - Ascension
    Wed 21 Feb 2018

    Atella feat. AURORA - Ascension

    Today see's the release of Beacon One, the debut EP from Norwegian duo Atella. Having released a series of acclaimed singles over the past year or so Magnus and Johannes have truly spread their wings with this release and let their cosmic sci-fi fantasies take flight.

  • RINSED - Hold On
    Wed 21 Feb 2018

    RINSED - Hold On (Dan's Playa Tech Mix)

    A party, a collective, an institution built by the voices of the ravers who wanted just a little bit more to their hedonistic adventures. Two individuals - Dan Wender and Blacky II - came together one night in Brooklyn seven years ago and decided to do their own thing on small-but-sexy scale, and...

  • KLANGPLANET - Microgravity
    Wed 21 Feb 2018


    Munich-based songwriter/producer Frieder Mollat started his music career in the mid 90's following his passion for music.

    Graduating from college as a musicologist in 1995 he joined the music industry for a couple of years working for record labels such as Warner Music and Edel records....

  • Ryan Dulmaine - Kinkerstraat
    Wed 21 Feb 2018

    Ryan Dulmaine - Kinkerstraat

    Ryan Dulmaine - kinkerstraat - Abysmal Records. Ryan Dulmaine's first release of 2018 on Abysmal Records. This composition is a blend of deep, melodic house and techno for the soul.


  • Endor - Gunna Be Mine
    Wed 21 Feb 2018

    Endor - Gunna Be Mine

    Endor’s new single, Gunna Be Mine, is a deeper and techier take on his popular house sound. Featuring an infectious, grooving bassline and chopped 90s-style vocals, you’re not gunna’ be able to resist the temptation of grabbing your own copy.

  •  YXA - Pansar
    Wed 21 Feb 2018

    YXA - Pansar

    Päls is the the more alternative, quirky and upbeat B-side track of YXAs latest single release: Pansar (released on 7th of February, 2018).
    YXA is an electronic, Stockholm-based duo tracing its roots to Umeå and Istanbul and consists of Deniz Duvarci and Gustav Frykholm. They have so far rel...

  •  Idem Zerum
    Wed 21 Feb 2018

    Idem Zerum - A Digital Rose

    Based out of California, I seek to bring you the sound of the underground; booming House, chugging Techno, and deep Progressive. I do all my sound-design, arrangement, mixing, and mastering myself. With the growing popularity of EDM, dance culture has become a commercialized, superstar-celeb echo...

  • Nobots - Platonische Koerper
    Wed 21 Feb 2018

    Nobots - Platonische Koerper

    Coming from from Cologne, Germany the project Nobots consists of Marco Doll and Tayfun Tufan. Doll comes in contact with techno in the late 90'. Influenced by Chris Libing and DJ Rush he starts creating his own sounds. As a booker and resident DJ for Industry of Sounds events he collects more inf...

  • KARL RITTER - Devils Beat EP
    Wed 21 Feb 2018

    KARL RITTER - Devils Beat EP

    Karl Ritter starts his career in 1998 when he hosts his first evening dances in nightclubs. Over the next three years he works on his technique and gathers experience of public contact.
    His philosophy of always building the evening around the music leads makes him realize he needs to know mo...

  • Shane Euston - Solitude
    Wed 21 Feb 2018

    Shane Euston - Solitude

    Shane Euston has been in the music Industry since age 9. He has performed 3 songs which were written by him at age 11 at the ''Goa Movie Festival Awards''

    Shane Euston has completed a full time music production and sound engineering course in one of the best music collages in London 'Point...

  • Khonsu The Child, Max Reals - Energy
    Wed 21 Feb 2018

    Khonsu The Child, Max Reals - Energy

    London based DJ Bertie Wimble (a.k.a Khonsu Groove), brings a real thumping energy to his live sets and production. Catchy vocal cuts coupled with fat bass hooks cements Bertie’s sound with a place in the tech house scene. DJing for the past eight years, with a natural taste for underground music...

  • Underbooz - Seven Planets
    Wed 21 Feb 2018

    Underbooz - Seven Planets

    Almost 20 years have passed since Xavi and Gabi colaborated together producing in the studio .
    After persuing their solo careers they reunite to present their new project under the label UNDERBOOZ.
    Originating from a base of new wave techno with a notable influence of trance, whilst equ...

  • ZERMELO - Synthetic
    Wed 21 Feb 2018

    ZERMELO - Synthetic

    Tech house producer from Palm Springs, California. I also make tech house production and mixing tutorials, sample packs and templates. Check out the links below to learn more...
    The track is available for free download

  • STRAANGE - Mysterious Time Aura
    Wed 21 Feb 2018

    STRAANGE - Mysterious Time Aura - EP

    Tried and True, legendary beat-maker "STRAANGE" even does minimal to its utmost. Here's proof

  • Neon Tundra - Humans
    Tue 13 Feb 2018

    Neon Tundra - Humans


  •  Lyscuro - Loomer
    Sat 10 Feb 2018

    Lyscuro - Loomer

    Lyscuro is a band that, thanks to a suggestion from Stephen Vitiello, was formed in Richmond, Virginia in 2016. Comprised of 6 artists, their work aims to bridge personal, cultural, and temporal distances.

  • DéRidge - In Your Mind
    Fri 9 Feb 2018

    DéRidge - In Your Mind

    DéRidge is an independent Music Machine. Distributing Deep, Dark and most importantly High Energy Techno with a melodic twist.


  • Benny Knox & DJ Jace - In Detroit In Chicago
    Fri 9 Feb 2018

    Benny Knox & DJ Jace - In Detroit In Chicago

    Benny Knox & Jace are back at it. For this release, the guys give props to the cities that help shape and inspire their respective sounds. Benny lays a thumping for "In Chicago". In your face, toughness that you would expect. While Jace uses those synth stabs to get his message across for "In...

  • Conce After Pi - Primamela
    Thu 8 Feb 2018

    Conce After Pi - Primamela

    Platania Concetto Art CONCE AFTER Pi was born in 1982 and lives in Turin Italy, he is a DJ from the age of 16 and thanks to collaborations with national radio and live sets with a refined sound and underground music, he performs in the best clubs, playing techno and te...

  • Kamilo Sanclemente - Enchanted Forest
    Thu 8 Feb 2018

    Kamilo Sanclemente - Enchanted Forest

    After having had a string of releases on esteemed labels like Einmusika, Natura Viva, Perspectives Digital, and Manual Music to name a few, making him one of the fastest rising progressive house artists of the past year, Kamilo Sanclemente is gracing Flemcy Music with the deep progressive and qui...

  • TSUKI - Lapse from V.A. WINTER WINDS vol. 5
    Thu 8 Feb 2018

    TSUKI - Lapse from V.A. WINTER WINDS vol. 5

    'Lapse' is a track from San Diego based duo, TSUKI. The track is part of WINTER WINDS vol. 5, the Texas based label, SVNSET WAVES' most recent compilation - featuring 20 tracks from underground artists all around the globe.


  • Road Kahan - Heart
    Thu 8 Feb 2018

    Road Kahan - Heart

    About the release
    If label debut ‘Blue Velvet’ made you lick your lips in anticipation, you’re going to like what Road Kahan have conjured up for their second Armada Electronic Elements release. With ‘Endurance’ and ‘Heart’, the Dutch duo offer a mash of dreamy atmospheres a...

  • Smok-Mon - Serotonin
    Wed 7 Feb 2018

    Smok-Mon - Serotonin

    About the track
    Vocals by Lorentzo Jönsson.
    Live Jam session with PRO424 on Enkel LFO.
    Mixed by Smok-Mon.
    Mastered by Andreas Tilliander.
    Produced at SIFTW Records / Redmount Studios, Stockholm, Sweden.
    Released by Beat Bordell Records / SIFTW Record...

  • Mike James - Descartes (Original Mix)
    Mon 5 Feb 2018

    Deeplomatic Flavours Vol.2

    About the Compilation
    Deeplomatic Recordings proudly presents 'Deeplomatic Flavours Vol.2' the second of a series of albums in which the label carefully selects some of the most prolific up-and-coming artists.

    The compilation presents a wide range of genres from Minim...

  • Horatio - Legacy Of The First People
    Mon 5 Feb 2018

    Horatio - Legacy Of The First People

    Up next from Revolucion Records comes the latest release from Natural Rhythm's super talented label boss Horatio with "Legacy Of The First People".

  • Electrick Cityperson
    Mon 5 Feb 2018

    Electrick Cityperson - I Get It (Medesen remix)

    Chemiztri Recordings presents a new single by the London artist Electrick City, titled "I Get It". An uplifting anthemic piano house track with infectious vocals, which beside the original mix features a remix by Medesen, with lush deep synths on the top of a sub bass-line, that will be heard and...

  • That Kid Chrisperson
    Mon 5 Feb 2018

    That Kid Chrisperson - Numb (Original Mix)


  • Substrates - Surface
    Mon 5 Feb 2018

    Substrates - Surface

    Substrates is a solo synth looping project that layers textures and themes in real-time.
    Substrates’ sound has been described as neo-futuristic orchestral music.


  • KLANGPLANET - Birdland
    Mon 5 Feb 2018

    KLANGPLANET - Birdland

    Munich-based songwriter/producer Frieder Mollat started his music career in the mid 90's following his passion for music.

    Graduating from college as a musicologist in 1995 he joined the music industry for a couple of years working for record labels such as Warner Music and Edel records....

  • Retro Kid - Neon Colours
    Mon 5 Feb 2018

    Retro Kid - Neon Colours

    Retro Kid is back, with the first single from his debut album ’Nordic Noir’. ‘Nordic Noir’ shares electronic producer Jake Juba’s first hand experiences of nightlife as a “Copenhagener” . The album is laid out like an audible metro line and the first stop is ’Neon Colours’. Jake’s journey is shar...

  • Antenna - Sparks
    Mon 5 Feb 2018

    Antenna - Sparks

    Cosmic disco from Russian producer Antenna, taken from Eskimo Recordings forthcoming new compilation.


  • Tom Appl - Grand Dame
    Mon 5 Feb 2018

    Tom Appl - Grand Dame

    Tom started DJing in the early 90 ies in the areal Clubs and own events.

  • Three CP - Cannot Go In
    Mon 5 Feb 2018

    Three CP - Cannot Go In

    House & Progressive House producer. Islay-Whisky fanatic. Currently signed to 'Big Mamas House Records', 'Ufo Recordz' and 'Deepsessions Abstract'.

  • Mooxperson - Tokyo
    Mon 5 Feb 2018

    Moox - Tokyo

    Coming from Montreal, Canada, Moox is an underground techno and house music producer known for his deep and melodic tracks. His latest release “Tokyo” features an aggressive minimal techno groove with a pleasing top melody and is perfect for a dark, sweaty club.

  •  YOGS / YOGZ - Veritu
    Mon 5 Feb 2018

    YOGS / YOGZ - Veritu

    For the debut of the 42 North label, Chicago native YOGS is releasing a sensational EP featuring a blend of tech house bangers. From the deeper, techy groover Vertitus, to a full on tech assault of Body Mover, this release can play perfectly into any tech set, or work perfectly for transition bet...

  • Varsity Star - Blinds
    Mon 5 Feb 2018

    Varsity Star - Blinds


    Varsity Star is Elliot Berman, a multi-instrumentalist and producer based in Brooklyn. Growing up listening to indie rock from the Pacific Northwest, drum and bass from the UK, and just about anything else, his debut album Model Home is a re-imagining of the suburban landscape and mu...

  • Josh Hunter - That House Vibe
    Mon 5 Feb 2018

    Josh Hunter - That House Vibe


  •  Alberta
    Sat 3 Feb 2018

    Alberta - Balsam Ngelem

    The following track is available for free download through her website

    [About the track]
    Alberta Balsam kicks off with a first single 'Ngelem'. A banger that offsets indonesian gamelan and vocal samples...

  • Josh Marko - Buyin Hella Thangs
    Sat 3 Feb 2018

    Josh Marko - Buyin Hella Thangs

    Josh Marko is a producer/DJ originally from Seattle, WA and currently living in Los Angeles, CA.

  • Michael Rogel - St. Jude
    Tue 30 Jan 2018

    Michael Rogel - St. Jude


  •  Museum Of Modern Electronic Music
    Sat 27 Jan 2018

    Museum Of Modern Electronic Music

    MOMEM won't be a Museum. No museum in a classical sense. It’s a place in the here and now. An experience raising awareness for various electronic aspects of life: Sound, fashion, instruments, apps, club culture, spaces, medial surroundings, interaction.

    Most of which arose and still arises...

  • Modeselektor
    Fri 26 Jan 2018

    Sónar 2018 adds more than 50 new artists

    Thom Yorke, Modeselektor, Cornelius, GoldLink, Amp Fiddler & Tony Allen, Yung Lean, Octo Octa, Errorsmith, Lanark Artefax, A-Trak, Alva Noto, Dj Earl & Nick Hook, Laurel Halo, Chino Amobi, Charlotte de Witte and Henry Saiz (and band) are just some of the latest names to be added.

  • Marcus Knight
    Sat 20 Jan 2018

    Marcus Knight - Meridian

    Hailing from Australia, writer, producer and touring performer Marcus Knight has graced the Dance music scene for almost 20 years. Holding an impressive list of official credits from the likes of: Carl Cox, Armand Van Helden, Marshall Jefferson, Mighty Dub Katz, Timberland, Roland Clark, Missy El...

  • Mahalo -  Everything Goes Black
    Sat 20 Jan 2018

    Mahalo - Everything Goes Black


  • Eric Sharpperson - Call In The Night
    Sat 20 Jan 2018

    Eric Sharp - Eric Sharp and Friends EP


  • Alan Fraze - B.Y.O.B. ep
    Sat 20 Jan 2018

    Alan Fraze - B.Y.O.B. ep

    Alan's music has been supported by some of the world's best DJs including Richie Hawtin, Roger Sanchez, Matt Darey, Olav Basoski, Timo Maas, Phunk Investigation, Dan McKie, and Carl Cox who notably debuted one of Alan's unreleased tracks on his renowned “Global” podcast. His tracks have been sign...

  • Alex Halka & Vlaicu Golcea
    Sat 20 Jan 2018

    Alex Halka & Vlaicu Golcea feat. Andreea Belu...

    Alex Halka is a producer, composer & sound designer.
    Main focus: experimental sound installations, theatre music, dance and multimedia performances. Always searching for new textures.
    For a while, his musical career has been blended with...

  • Beatune -  Past Scars
    Sat 20 Jan 2018

    Beatune - Past Scars (feat. Remeya Kingston)

    Beatune: "Hey I'm Beatune, a French producer based in Germany and I have produced a new deep house track with the voice of a Russian singer called Remeya Kingston. I made this track for a producer competition which consisted in building a track around a given acapell...

  • Owen Pitch
    Sat 20 Jan 2018

    Owen Pitch - Danger

    A young electronic project from Russia, St. Petersburg.
    Gloomy sounds of modern Russia, combined with cold analog sound in each composition.

  • Moox
    Mon 15 Jan 2018

    Moox - Mesmerize

    Moox is an underground techno and house music producer from Montreal, Canada. Known for his deep, melodic and groovy tracks, the Canadian producer has put out music constantly since 2017, with 24 releases in his debut year. Although not a classically trained musician, you will find that many of h...

  • Cool Tiger
    Sun 7 Jan 2018

    Cool Tiger's picks

    However, after checking out the man’s productions, we can safely say that his is a discography littered with astute gems. With the release set to drop in the new year, we decided to check in with the man in question, as he gave us the lowdown on some of his favourite techno producers of all time....

  • USM Recordings
    Thu 14 Dec 2017

    Official Launch of USM Recordings

    The label is running "under" the independent electronic music platform of UrbanStyleMag. It intents to be an Ark of electronic music and redound to the future of electronic sound. The label was created by the same person for the same reason...the need for self expression without common forms.

  • Reach Promo Agency
    Fri 1 Dec 2017

    Reach Promo Agency Collaboration for Electronic Se...

    We welcome our collaboration with Reach Promo Agency for the promotion of  Electronic Seikilos compilation.

    Reach Promo is a PR Agency and Promo Pool for the promotion of electronic music, specialized in Deep House, Tech House, a...

  • Digital Stores
    Fri 1 Dec 2017

    Digital Distribution of Electronic Seikilos Compil...

    We are happy to announce our collaboration with Label-Worx for the digital distribution of "Various Artists - Electronic Seikilos" compilation in all digital music stores, like...

  • Sónar
    Mon 20 Nov 2017

    Sónar sending music parts out in space

    After 25 years scanning the planet for the most advanced sounds and ideas on earth, Sónar festival has now turned its antennas towards space, by sending music beyond the limits of our solar system in an attempt to communicate with extraterrestrial intelligence.

  • Electronic Seikilos cause on Generosity platform
    Mon 20 Nov 2017

    Electronic Seikilos cause on Generosity platform

    Τhe initiator of Electronic Seikilos and founder of UrbanStyleMag Michael Meimaroglou has started a Crowdfunding campaign to succesfully complete this cause.

    If you want to support the cause and get involved please make your donation to the following link...

  • Homcore
    Fri 3 Nov 2017

    Athens - Electronic Seikilos Official Physical Rec...

    Physical Store Availabily of Electronic Seikilos Digipack in Athens, Homcore, Synthesizers & Vinyl is THE PLACE! Made & owned with love and passion by a good friend and music artist Leon Segka...

  • Taff - A Million Waves
    Fri 22 Sep 2017

    Taff - A Million Waves

    Taff is the indietronica project of Greek film editor and director George Tsirogiannis.

    George was born in 1991 in Athens, Greece. He was attracted to melodies from a very young age. Although he never got a formal music education, he plays the piano, keyboards and guitar. In his 20s, he de...

  • Kapani Project
    Thu 21 Sep 2017

    Kapani Project 2017 - Thessaloniki

    Με live από αγαπημένες μπάντες της Θεσσαλονίκης και της Αθήνας, με μια σειρά από dj sets από Ελλάδα και εξωτερικό, που θα μας ενθουσιάσουν σε  freestyle  και  alternative mood, με performances εμπνευσμένες από την Αγορά και την καθημερινότητά της, αλλά και ταινίες με αναφορές από τον σουρεαλισμό...

  • Modern House Quintet
    Thu 21 Sep 2017

    Modern House Quintet Q&A

    We are both from Paris (I'm from the west suburb side, my colleague is from the east suburb side). I started making music in 2012 and we met through friends in 2015 because I was looking for someone to help me during live acts.

    And since my colleague is one of the founders of Squarp Instru...

  • The Dj's Saved My Life
    Thu 21 Sep 2017

    The Dj's Saved My Life

    The Dj's Saved My Life - Saturday 30.09.17 - Bolivar Beach Bar

    Ένα φεστιβάλ Οικονομικής Ενίσχυσης για τον Νίκο Διαμαντόπουλο

  •  Techniques Festival 2017
    Wed 13 Sep 2017

    Techniques Festival 2017

    Techniques FSTVL is an all-night electronic music event.

    Curated by the city's popular music brand – Blend – the night will see a lineup of some of the world's most established names in house and techno, such as Chris Liebing, Solomun, Richie Hawtin and Tale of Us.

    All will play acr...

  • ADE 2017
    Wed 30 Aug 2017

    Amsterdam Dance Event’s 2017 festival program nea...

    With the latest additions including Armin van Buuren (NL), Charlotte de Witte (BE), Dixon (DE), Helena Hauff (DE), Jon Hopkins (GB), Maceo Plex (US), Nina Kraviz (RU) and Ricardo Villalobos (CL), the 2017 line up of the Amsterdam Dance Event’s festival is almost complete.

  • Reworks Festival Schedule 2017
    Sat 26 Aug 2017

    Reworks Festival 2017 Schedule

    // Thursday 14th of September

    Reworks Open Lab Aigli Open Air
    20.30 - 21.30  Pollux Rose aka Nicola Regulus (Claap/Numb Capsule, GR)
    21.30 -22.15  Tendts (Lower Parts, GR)
    22.30 -23.30  Steve Hauschildt (Kranky, USA)

    Reworks L...

  • Reworks Festival 2017
    Tue 22 Aug 2017

    Reworks 2017 Line Up



    REWORKS, the sun-filled music gathering that takes place in Thessaloniki, Greece every September, is happy to announce the first wave of acts for its 13th edition. Th...

  • Resound/Echos
    Sat 1 Jul 2017

    Reworks Festival 2017 presents Resound/Echos of Th...

    The White Tower, the seafront of Thessaloniki, the Byzantine walls, Kapani market and Modiano market are some of the spots that will offer the first musical material to Resound/Echos of Τhessaloniki. Field sounds of those spots have been recorded with the supervision of the act Tendts transmittin...

  • Sónar 2017
    Mon 19 Jun 2017

    Sónar 2017

    Sónar+D 2017 has brought together audiences from 105 countries, with the participation of around 5,500 professionals from more than 2,000 companies from the creative and technological industries

    The 25th anniversary of Sónar will be held on June 13, 14, 15 and 16, 2018

  • Odyssia Festival 2017
    Fri 9 Jun 2017

    Odyssia Festival 2017 Line Up

    First year was an apocalypse. For whom came to the festival, now they know. Odyssia can’t be really compared to any other festival. Not even to itself. It’s meant to be different every year. An evolving creation. A take off platform for pure imagination. An ideal place for the moments’ hunters, t...

  • Digipack Electronic Seikilos
    Sat 27 May 2017

    Electronic Seikilos Digipack Limited

    The limited cd digipack version of Electronic Seikilos music compilation is available on Bandcamp.

  • Panda Dub Live Band at Fuzz
    Tue 25 Apr 2017

    Panda Dub - Top 10 Electronic Music Albums

    H Enter Events την Παρασκευή 5 Μαΐου παρουσιάζει για πρώτη φορά στην Ελλάδα τον Panda Dub με την συνοδεία της Live Band του.

  • Fasma Festival 2017 - Parallel Activities
    Tue 25 Apr 2017

    Fasma Festival 2017 - Parallel Activities

    Aiming to stretch musical ideas beyond the performance space of the concert hall and the dancefloor, FASMA Festival’s parallel activities explore electronic music culture’s various manifestations. The Public Agora of Kypseli regains its social vibrancy wit...

  • Synthetic w/ Function & Silent Servant
    Wed 22 Mar 2017

    Synthetic w/ Function & Silent Servant

    Σάββατο 1 Απριλίου. Το Synthetic επιστρέφει με τους Function και Silent Servant (Official), συνεχίζοντας να παρουσιάζει τον ήχο του τώρα.

  • FASMA Festival 2017
    Mon 13 Mar 2017

    FASMA Festival 2017

    From the 4th to the 7th of May, FASMA Festival 2017 unfolds its fourth edition with 40 international and local artists in 6 venues across Athens, aiming to bridge innovative music and electronic arts.

  • Sónar Hong Kong
    Thu 9 Feb 2017

    Sónar Hong Kong

    Sónar will kick off its international events for 2017 with the festival’s 5th edition of Sónar Reykjavik (16th,17th,18th February) and its debut in Istanbul (24th, 25th March) and Hong Kong (1st April).

    Wed 1 Feb 2017


    Across five days and five nights between 20th-24th August, international players from the worlds of house and techno will descend on Pag Island, Croatia to mark the milestone five years of Sonus Festival. Adding to the colossal lineup, with the likes of Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos and Tale...

  • FASMA Festival 2017
    Wed 25 Jan 2017

    FASMA Festival 2017

    Laying the foundations for cross-country collaborations, FASMA lands for the first time at the city of Milan, on Saturday the 18th of February 2017. Joining forces with the space for music and multimedia experimentation, Standards, via its residents the Milan organizers group S / V / N / Savana a...

  • Electronic Seikilos Compilation
    Tue 17 Jan 2017

    Electronic Seikilos Compilation is online

    After many months of preparation, the social act ‘’Electronic Seikilos’’ of UrbanStyleMag has taken shapeand form.

  • FACT Announce Plans for 2017
    Fri 30 Dec 2016

    FACT Announce Plans for 2017

    Well known for its worldwide events in the best clubs and festivals of the globe in London, Amsterdam, Ibiza, Berlin, Zurich or Beirut and more plus they also have a weekly Sunday residency at Pacha Barcelona. As well as they host plenty of OFF events with their famous pool parti...

  • Electronic Seikilos Digipack
    Wed 21 Dec 2016

    Heineken Electronic Seikilos Official Partner

    The limited digipack edition of "Electronic Seikilos" Compilation powered by Heineken.

    Digipack Release Date: March 2017

  • SXM Festival on the Caribbean Island
    Wed 21 Dec 2016

    SXM Festival on the Caribbean Island of Saint Mart...

    SXM Festival, a clandestine Caribbean electronic music getaway, has announced the Phase 2 line-up for its March 15 -19 event, on the idyllic shores of Saint Martin. Joining an already world-class bill – including Ricardo Villalobos, Black Coffee, Âme, Bob Moses and Nina Kraviz – these newest addi...

  • AIAIAI Electronic Seikilos Official Partner
    Wed 21 Dec 2016

    AIAIAI Electronic Seikilos Official Partner

    AIAIAI is an audio design company dedicated to developing high quality audio products for everyday use. AIAIAI’s modern, minimalist headphones and earphones deliver clear, amplified sound.

  • Time Warp 2017 - is back again in Mannheim !
    Mon 19 Dec 2016

    Time Warp 2017 - is back again in Mannheim !

    Since its inception in 1994, Time Warp has always been a captivating event where visitors can enjoy magnificent and mesmerizing sets by almost 50 DJs and live acts representing the variety of techno and house music. Furthermore, fans can discover truly ground-breaking dance floor decorations and...

  • FASMA Festival 2017 - Pre Event
    Thu 15 Dec 2016

    FASMA Festival 2017 - Pre Event

    Το FASMA Festival επιστρέφει για τέταρτη χρονιά, τον Μάιο του 2017, κάνοντας τον σφυγμό της ηλεκτρονικής μουσικής να χτυπά ξανά στην Αθήνα. Χτίζοντας σταθερά μια πολυπρισματική ταυτότητα, οι δράσεις του φεστιβάλ εκτείνονται σε όλο το εύρος της παγκόσμιας πρ...

  • Rio Music Conference
    Wed 7 Dec 2016

    Rio Music Conference Announces Dates for 2017

    The conference, which grows each year and has become a must visit event for anyone in the music industry, consists of more than 100 activities, including lectures, debates, seminars, workshops, speed coaching and more with the participation of the most relevant players from the scene.

  • Time Warp 20 YRS: The Truth Is On The Dancefloor Book
    Mon 5 Dec 2016

    Time Warp 20 YRS: The Truth Is On The Dancefloor B...

    Time Warp 20 YRS - The truth is on the dancefloor ...

  • "Electronic Seikilos", audio mastering process
    Mon 5 Dec 2016

    "Electronic Seikilos", audio mastering p...

    Hello USM friends!

  • LYD 8, by Dynaudio
    Sun 4 Dec 2016

    Dynaudio Electronic Seikilos Official Partner

    It’s a great happiness and honor meeting experienced people of the music industry who believe in your ideas and wish to see them realized. Dynaudio, a company with great dynamics in the area of professional sound systems, is among the first brands that greete...

  • Pete Tong’s Ibiza Classics performed by the Heritage Orchestra
    Thu 1 Dec 2016

    Pete Tong’s Ibiza Classics performed by the Herita...

    Pete Tong’s Ibiza Classics performed by the Heritage Orchestra and conducted by Jules Buckley to be Lived Streamed

    After huge success with their Carl Cox Music Is Revolution and Space Ibiza Closing Fiesta live streams, BE-AT.TV head to London on Thursday 1st December when Pete Tong brings...

  • Electronic Seikilos Artists
    Mon 28 Nov 2016

    Electronic Seikilos Artists (Session 1)

    We are proud and really excited to announce the line up of the social action "Electronic Seikilos" curated by USM. Twelve respected electronic music artists join hands for this cause.
    As we are on the mastering & production pr...

  • SXM Festival
    Mon 21 Nov 2016

    SXM Festival 2017

    Riding in the wake of a blinding inaugural edition, next year’s event takes place March 15-19. Taking place on the picturesque Caribbean island of Saint Martin, this year sees an even richer programme in the form of Nina Kraviz, Ricardo Villalobos, Âme (live), RPR Soundsystem, Lee Burridge, Soul...

  • Awakenings 20th ANNIVERSARY IN 2017
    Mon 21 Nov 2016

    Awakenings 20th ANNIVERSARY IN 2017

    20th ANNIVERSARY IN 2017

    In 2017 Awakenings will celebrate its 20th anniversary. On Saturday April 15 between 11 AM and 10 PM, as part of the upcoming indoor edition from April 13 thru 16, for the first time a day program will be or...

  • Epizode Festival Launches in Vietnam
    Mon 21 Nov 2016

    Epizode Festival Launches in Vietnam

    "An episode is a part of a piece of art that has a certain autonomy or it is a part of a movie, a story or a drama series. This winter, everyone will have a unique opportunity to play their part in the main episode of the party season. You can choose your role: to be a bystander and watch, make o...

  • Upfilter Records presents SUB SESSIONS (Compilation)
    Thu 17 Nov 2016

    Upfilter Records presents SUB SESSIONS (Compilatio...

    Η Upfilter Records, το ηλεκτρονικό label από την Θεσσαλονίκη μας παρουσιάζει το πρώτο της compilation, με τίτλο “Sub Sessions”.

    Το νέο αυτό project, έχει σκοπό να αναδείξει συνθέσεις καταξιωμένων, αλλά και πρωτοεμφανιζόμενων παραγωγών που εκπροσωπούν ένα ευρύ φάσμα της ηλεκτρονικής σκηνής...

    Wed 2 Nov 2016


    After a ground-breaking year including his debut BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, a nomination in DJ Awards Deep House category and a Beatport overall with Gershon Jackson, Sonny Fodera has fast become one of the most in-demand...

    Tue 25 Oct 2016


    This  project intends to promote Greek artists and feature the contemporary  Greek electronic scene. USM aspires to highlight the research for  electronic music, in an attempt to study and present sounds and  melodies, composed by known- or not- artists. Simultaneously, this  action will function...

  • Street Outdoors article 1
    Tue 18 Oct 2016

    The Street(s) Outdoors are calling you

    Giannis Pateliotis, Konstantinos Polatidis and Giorgos Zambas are dedicating much of their personal time in a project that Is characterized by passion and hard work. But what is actually this project about? They are organizing one of the biggest and most successful DIY mobile events in Greece. Th...

    Sat 15 Oct 2016


    PLAYdifferently, the technology company created by Richie Hawtin, today unveils two new product videos about the award-winning mixer MODEL 1. The company also announces a series of events taking place at this year’s...

  • Press release - Coma Records
    Tue 11 Oct 2016

    Press release - Coma Records

    After 6 years since launching Coma, Founder and CEO Doubleffe is very pleased to announce the birth of Coma Records with a four tracks V/A EP entitled Unconsciousness Part I.

  • 180gr
    Thu 29 Sep 2016

    180gr Raw vinyl sounds in the Street Market

    Thanks to the special 180gr community that was born in Italy, both experienced and upcoming disk jockeys are working together by playing records during the daylight at the street market, having as their goal to...

    Thu 22 Sep 2016


    With well over 2.200 artists, 450 conference speakers and a record breaking 140 participating venues, Amsterdam Dance Event is the world’s biggest dance music club festival and leading business platform for the electronic music industry. For the 2016 edition, the 21st since ADE’s inception in 199...

  • Amnesia closing party
    Tue 20 Sep 2016

    Ricardo Villalobos, Apollonia, Paco Osuna and Gorg...

    Always one of the longest and most intense closing parties of the whole Ibiza season, Amnesia have finally revealed details for how their magical summer will end. It takes place on October 8th and headliners are Ricardo Villalobos, Apollonia, Cuartero...

  • Interview with Bloque Festival 2016
    Mon 19 Sep 2016

    Interview with Bloque Festival 2016

    Slowly yet steadily, the Bloque Festival has become one of the biggest Greek festivals of electronic music, and is taking place in Kavala. An event of this size can only be met with positivity since it promotes this type of music as wel...

  • USM presents “Electronic Seikilos” Music Compilation
    Fri 16 Sep 2016

    USM presents Electronic Seikilos

    This project intends to promote Greek artists and feature the contemporary Greek electronic scene. USM aspires to highlight the research for electronic music, in an attempt to study and present sounds and melodies, composed by known- or n...

    Fri 16 Sep 2016


    Global Underground has announced details of its ‘TWENTY’ anniversary celebrating two decades of the pioneering independent dance music label.

  • Fabric
    Wed 7 Sep 2016

    Closing Fabric is not the answer to drug-related p...

    Fabric has released a statement after having its license revoked by Islington Council.

  • Bloque Festival 2016
    Wed 7 Sep 2016

    Bloque Festival 2016

    Bloque Festival is focus on electronic music and audio-visual. It takes place annually in Kavala, Greece, and gives you the chance to meet favorite artists and experience a new side of the music you love.

  • Reworks Festival 2016
    Tue 6 Sep 2016

    Reworks Festival 2016

    14-18 SEPTEMBER THESSALONIKI GREECE | Reworks, the sun-filled music gathering which takes place in Thessaloniki, Greece every September, is happy to announce the first wave of acts for its 12th edition. Despite the economic crisis, which still after 6 years still remains in Greec...

  • Save Fabric London
    Sat 27 Aug 2016

    Save London's nightlife. Stop the closure of...

    Jacob Husley (promoter and resident DJ of fabric) is running a petition to Stop the closure of fabric, london.

  • Amsterdam Dance Event 2016 - Line up, update
    Sat 27 Aug 2016

    Amsterdam Dance Event 2016 - Line up, update

    ADE’s festival program nears completion with new acts including Carl Craig, David Guetta, DJ Harvey, Gui Boratto, Jazzy Jeff, John Talabot, Netsky, Sander van Doorn (NL) and Sasha. The ADE Conference line-up adds new speakers Gilles Peterson, Kurt...

  • Mic Meimaroglou - ODIAI
    Sat 27 Aug 2016

    Give away track by the founder of USM

    "Mic Meimaroglou - ODIAI (Original Mix)" is available for free download on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.


  • ADE Sound Lab
    Tue 23 Aug 2016

    New names added to the ADE Sound Lab Programme inc...

    ADE Sound Lab is a free, multi-day program covering everything about sound, where sound synthesis, audiovisual art and innovative ways to produce sound are shared, demonstrated, discussed and developed. The program includes artist and engineer talks, audiovisual art installations...

  • Brand New Party Cruise Anchored launches in Europe
    Thu 21 Jul 2016

    Brand New Party Cruise Anchored launches in Europe

    Anchored is delighted to announce its bold, brave and brilliant plans for a primo party cruise around some stunning locations in Europe. Taking place on multi million pound Royal Caribbean ship the Jewel of the Seas, this unique cruise takes place from June 11th to 18th 2017 and...

  • Ableton Loop 2016
    Wed 13 Jul 2016

    Ableton Loop 2016

    The first program details have been announced for the 2016 Loop summit for music makers - taking place across three days and nights from November 4-6. Launched by Ableton in 2015 as a platform for music makers to meet, be inspired and learn from each other, this year's edition of Loop will bring...

  • The five best summer festivals of Electronic music in Greece
    Wed 13 Jul 2016

    The five best summer festivals of Electronic music...

    Summer is eventually here. Some of you have already started your holidays while others are still ‘struggling’ in the city. However, I am going to suggest the 5 best festivals for this summer.

    Thu 30 Jun 2016

    ADE 2016 announces first festival acts and new con...

    The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), the world’s largest club-based festival and conference for electronic music, will take place this year from the 19th to 23rd of October. The organisers are expecting around 375,000 national and international visit...

  • OASIS FESTIVAL 2016 -  Morocco
    Wed 29 Jun 2016

    OASIS FESTIVAL 2016 - Morocco

    Morocco’s Oasis festival returns to Marrakech for its second edition in 2016, complete with another huge musical line-up! The event that put Morocco on the global festival map, today unveils the third wave of acts, including...

  • Athens, do we party anymore?
    Sat 25 Jun 2016

    Athens, do we party anymore?

    Ήθελα καιρό να γράψω ένα άρθρο σχόλιο αλλά είναι υπερβολικά δύσκολο για κάποιον τόσο απαίδευτο όσο εγώ να βάλει πέντε λέξεις στη σειρά.

  • Sónar 2016
    Sat 25 Jun 2016

    Sónar reaffirms its commitment as a cultural labor...

    Sónar 2016 received 115.500 visitors from 101 countries

    53% of the Sónar audience has been international, with 47% Spanish. Sónar by Day brought together 46.500 attendees, while Sónar by Night gathered 69.000.

    The 23rd Sónar festiva...

  • Reborn Festival, Stergios Salamousas
    Fri 24 Jun 2016

    Interview with the soul of Reborn Festival, Stergi...

    Ο Στέργιος Σαλαμούσας (aka Stergios Sigma) είναι η ψυχή του ανερχόμενου φεστιβάλ ηλεκτρονικής μουσικής «Reborn Festival» που πραγματοποιείται στο όμορφο νησί της Λήμνου από το 2013. Μια αξιόλογη προσπάθεια ανάδειξης νέ...

  • 5 Huge nights of Awakenings at ADE
    Thu 23 Jun 2016

    5 Huge nights of Awakenings at ADE


    Awakenings will expand during the coming edition of Amsterdam Dance Event (from 19 thru 23 October 2016). For t...

  • Odyssia Festival 2016
    Thu 23 Jun 2016

    Official Line Up Odyssia Festival 2016

    Στις 30 Αυγούστου ο παγκοσμίας κλάσσης collector Gilles Peterson, οι Body & Soul, o Francois Kevorkian και ο θρυλικός Dj Harvey θα βρίσκονται για πρώτη φορά στα decks του Cariocas Beach Bar, στα πλαίσια του πρώτου Odyssia Festival

  • Sónar 2016 opens with the monumental new media art installation
    Thu 16 Jun 2016

    Sónar 2016 opens with the monumental new media art...

    Art and science combine in a large immersive video installation hosted at Sónar by Day between Thursday 16th and Saturday 18th of June. The large-scale piece entitled "Earthworks" represents the process of the Earth’s formation through centuries up to and including the Anthropocene, our current g...

  • Balance Music proudly presents Do Not Sleep
    Wed 15 Jun 2016

    Balance Music proudly presents Do Not Sleep

    Balance Music proudly presents Do Not Sleep: a new double-disc mix from UK hero, Darius Syrossian.

    Tue 14 Jun 2016

    17th edition of the European Music Day

    This year, with the support and the passion of hundreds of artists, ordinary citizens,  volunteers and organizers, 37 cities are participating in the European Music Day efforts, to flood neighborhoods, squares, pedestrian streets and parks of Greece with melodies, from the 18th till the 23rd of J...

  • Sónar Festival
    Sat 11 Jun 2016

    Sónar will transform Barcelona into the global epi...

    The 23rd edition of Sónar festival presents 130 performances across 8 stages. Among the highlights are a number of European and world premieres; a diverse range of electronica from Latin America, Africa and the Middle East; the pick of the Spanish and Catalan scene; stars of dance music and the i...

  • Reborn Festival
    Thu 9 Jun 2016


    Reborn is an art & music festival taking place on Lemnos island since July of 2013.

    It is a spontaneous action purposing to be a renewal institution being established as an alternative suggestion of expression and entertainment through music...

  • We are europe
    Wed 8 Jun 2016

    Reworks @ Sonar Festival 2016

    Sónar participates in We Are Europe, the European Union’s new cultural innovation program. We Are Europe is the new initiative from the European Union's Creative Europe program, formed by the association of eight major festivals: c/o pop (Cologne, Germany), Elevate (Graz, Austria...

  • Artists and users regain control of technology at Sónar+D 2016
    Thu 12 May 2016

    Artists and users regain control of technology at...

    Sónar+D 2016, the 4th International Congress for Digital Culture and Creative Technologies will be held in Barcelona on 16, 17 and 18 June and takes place within Sónar by Day.

  • teknival de Groningen, 1998
    Wed 11 May 2016

    Research: The first gatherings of electronic music...

    With the advent of new technologies in the 1960s, electronic genres such as electronic rock, electronic jazz, disco, computer music, synthpop, psychedelic rock and ambient music followed, with large free festivals showcasing the sounds into the 1970s.

  • Art and science - Sónar 2016
    Wed 27 Apr 2016

    Art and science - Sónar 2016

    The large-scale piece entitled "Earthworks" represents the process of the Earth’s formation through the centuries up to and including to the Anthropocene, the current geological era defined by the effects of human activities upon the Earth ecosystems.

  • 120 Years Of Electronic Music
    Sun 24 Apr 2016

    120 Years Of Electronic Music

    120 Years of Electronic Music* is a project that outlines and analyses the history and development of electronic musical instruments from around 1880 onwards.

  • Sonar 2016
    Sun 24 Apr 2016

    Sónar 2016 completes its music program

    With the latest 38 additions to the line-up, the festival completes its list of national artists including the most important producers and djs in Spain today, such as Alizzz, Coyu, Strand, Cauto, and duos bRUNA & Wooky.

  • Amsterdam Dance Event
    Thu 21 Apr 2016


    This year’s Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) will open with ‘Scripted Orkestra’, a collaboration between the acclaimed producer/composer/performer Henrik Schwarz and the world’s leading non-classical orchestra Metropole Orkest. The event will take place in the Melkweg on October 19th and will mark the...

  • Scottish Shower
    Tue 19 Apr 2016

    Kilts & Bagpipes. Sean Connery & William W...

    When landing in the capital, Edinburgh, and witnessing the scenery amidst the fast-paced clouds, its monumental bridges connecting the old with the new, and the countless spotted sights, it makes sense why it yearly attracts thousands of students and literally millions of tourists. Being the host...

  • DJ Harvey
    Fri 15 Apr 2016

    Odyssia Festival 2016

    Another “Odyssey” starts on 31th of August until the 4th of September, only this time it doesn’t resemble the classic story that we all know. The final destination is not Ithaca, but Cariocas Beach Bar, where it will take place the new music festival c...

  • Blank presents Synthek
    Fri 15 Apr 2016

    Blank presents Synthek

    Η Blank, μια από τις πιο ανερχόμενες διαδικτυακές κοινότητες στο χώρο της ηλεκτρονικής μουσικής, γιορτάζει δύο χρόνια παρουσίας στο χώρο και υποδέχεται το Σάββατο (30/4) στο ...

  • The history of Time Warp
    Sun 10 Apr 2016

    The history of Time Warp

    Article by Marta Wolowska, I am convinced that only several of you remember the first edition of Time Warp. Some of us probably don’t know the first date of this massive festival in Europe. But for the question who played there loads of you throw up your hands or say Sven Väth. I...

  • Viva España! Off Sonar 2013
    Tue 5 Apr 2016

    Viva España! Off events 2013

    10th of June, 10 a.m. We find ourselves along with friends, acquaintances and unknown people, who all- due to the excitement- feel like friends, at Macedonia airport. Official destination, Barcelona. Unofficial, one of the best mucical experiences of 2013.

  • The Manifesto of Terra Ferma
    Mon 4 Apr 2016

    The Manifesto of Terra Ferma

    Interview by Magda Terzidou. Without having a clue about what is going on right now in the global Electronic music scene, we cannot understand why certain artistic teams, such as TerraFerma in our case, feel the need to proceed in statements and policies that seem to almost cross...

  • Audioriver 2014, Milosz Nasierowski
    Sat 2 Apr 2016

    Audioriver festival 2014 report

    Report for USM by: Nicole Erini // Following a course of ever increasing popularity and record-breaking runs, wonder-event Audioriver didn’t need one more success to prove its status as one of Europe’s most prominent festivals. Yet it was absolutely dipped in it once again this y...

    Sun 27 Mar 2016


    Sankeys Ibiza have announced Warriors head honcho Steve Lawler and a live performance from KiNK as part of an innovative line up for their summer opening party, Sankeys Awakens, on Sunday 1st May 2016, the first major club opening of the season. They are joined by Ants man of the moment Kolsch, L...

  • TIME WARP 2016
    Sun 27 Mar 2016

    TIME WARP 2016

    Time Warp Mannheim 2016 is just around the corner and the line-up is a typically impressive assembly of world-class DJs and live acts, featuring longstanding Time Warp fixtures and a number of debut performances.

  •  Sónar Barcelona
    Fri 25 Mar 2016

    Sónar Barcelona 2016 - Final Line up

    With the latest 38 additions to the line-up, the festival completes its list of national artists including the most important producers and djs in Spain today, such as Alizzz, Coyu, Strand, Cauto, and duos bRUNA & Wooky.

  • Sensation
    Fri 25 Mar 2016

    For one night, Sensation breaks the traditional wh...

    On July 2nd, Sensation will return to the Amsterdam ArenA with a brand new show called ‘Angels and Demons’. For once, Sensation will break with convention: instead of the mandatory all white dress code, we will invite the audience to be part of the night and dress in either all black or all white...

  • We (heart) AMSTELREDAMME
    Wed 13 Nov 2013

    We (heart) AMSTELREDAMME

    Article by Nicole Erini: Once your feet hit the ground in Amsterdam, you can tell why the Dutch are so fond of the marvel we’ve come to know as the Dutch EDM scene.

  • Interview with Will Johnston,
    Tue 10 Apr 2012

    Interview with Will Johnston,

    For this UrbanStyleMag issue I’ve talked with the founder of a major electronic music media platform. He created a different platform, where words don’t matter at all. The only thing that matters is music and image. founder and director, Will Johnston…

  • Get Connected interview - Speedy J, Blend Club
    Wed 20 Apr 2011

    Get Connected interview - Speedy J, Blend Club

    Ένα πάρτυ με πραγματικά ιδιοφυή techno sets έλαβε χώρα στο Blend Club το Σάββατο 19 Φεβρουαρίου. Εκστασιασμένος κόσμος, visuals που σε συνεργασία με τα σκληρά bass lines της μουσικής σε ταξίδευαν σε άλλους κόσμους και ένας θρύλος στα decks για ένα μοναδικό τρίωρο set που θα μείνει αξέχαστο. Για τ...

  • Amphion Team Interview
    Sun 10 Apr 2011

    Amphion Team Interview

    It's a new group, based for a year now in Greece. We met them and talked about electronic scene and the events they're organizing.

  • Mangali
    Fri 3 Sep 2010


    Four years ago, the music scene of Berlin gained another hot spot, the  Mangali. The word Mangali soon connected with a series of summer parties in open areas in which many famous and talented artists took part in  such as Mymy, Konrad Black, M.a.n.d.y., Pan-Pot, Anja schneider, Margeret Dygas, S...

  • About electronic music scene in Greece...
    Sat 10 Apr 2010

    About electronic music scene in Greece...

    Νυχτερινή ζωή στην Ελλάδα. Όνειρο για τον κάθε έφηβο ανά τον πλανήτη αφου για πολλούς είμαστε ένας από τους λαούς που ξέρουν πραγματικά να διασκεδάζουν. Στην προκείμενη είμαστε εδώ για να θυμηθούμε παρέα την ιστορία της ηλεκτρονικής σκηνής στην χώρα μας, γυρίζοντας πίσω στο 1989 στην Θεσσαλονίκη....