Tue 10 Oct 2023


    Get ready to immerse yourself in a pulsating sonic journey as we usher in the future of electronic music!

    On Saturday, November 11, 2023, Berlin is set to witness an electrifying music event, celebrating the highly-anticipated release of "PLANET 381" by  AgainstMe and Mic Meimaroglou.

  • Small talks about electronic music universe - ΣΥΝTHESIS x SOCIETY 3000
    Wed 26 Jul 2023

    Small talks about electronic music universe - ΣΥΝT...

    Society 3000 (Athens) and ΣΥΝTHESIS (Mytilene), two promising electronic music artist collectives, are proud to announce a two-day techno music gathering on the beautiful island of Lesbos.

  • Formaviva
    Fri 23 Sep 2022

    USM Recordings x Formaviva

    Dear friends, we hope that you have a beautiful weekend! We would like to announce our new collaboration with Formaviva as an independent online music store to host our music releases.   
    From now and on our new releases will be available also to Formaviva.  We support independent music st...

  • Reworks 2022
    Tue 30 Aug 2022

    Reworks Festival 2022

    Reworks celebrates its 18th edition this September bringing together music lovers from all over the world, transforming Thessaloniki into a contemporary music-breathing city every September.

  • ADD 2022
    Thu 14 Apr 2022

    ADD 2022

    Three years and a pandemic later, ADD, Athens’s largest festival for contemporary electronic music, returns where it all started. On Friday 27th and Saturday 28th of May, hosted by Athens Epidaurus Festival, ADD takes over the industrial complex of Peiraios 260, and comes to the foreground again...

  • USM Recordings
    Fri 1 Apr 2022

    USM Recordings - A kind of manifesto

    USM Recordings is a collective of artists that shares the same vision, transparency, unity, love, egoless expression, empathy and freedom. Our goal is to present artists who express themselves through electronic sound and have something to offer with their personality and their music.

  • Sector Audio - V.A. Disorder
    Fri 1 Apr 2022

    Sector Audio - V.A. Disorder

    Sector Audio first Various Artists "Disorder" Album Compilation Vol 1 released March 30 2022. Album is consisting of modern Electronic Techno. Total 21 tracks for Digital Album Compilation.

    Fundraiser to support the brave people of Ukraine.

    Weekly update of the donations.


  • Aslice - A Fairer Music Ecosystem
    Thu 31 Mar 2022

    Aslice - A Fairer Music Ecosystem

    How It Works

    Aslice automates the process of performers uploading their playlist text files: DJs submit a playlist and share a small percentage of the gig fee (suggested 5%). Using proprietary Machine Learning technology, Aslice matches and distributes the mone...

  • SOCIETY 3000
    Wed 9 Mar 2022

    CONCEPTUAL (IT) for the first time in Athens on Ma...

    Society 3000 invites, for the first time in Athens, CONCEPTUAL, the Italian, Berlin-based maestro of techno at ITAthens.

  • Music School of Mytilene
    Wed 11 Aug 2021

    Electronic Seikilos electronic music equipment don...

    Today, the main part of the social action "Electronic Seikilos" was completed with the delivery of electronic music equipment to the public Music School of Mytilene. We were pleased to learn from the school that the equipment will be used in the context of students' learning in new music technolo...

  • Bandcamp
    Sat 17 Apr 2021

    USM Recordings Bandcamp Subscription

    Bandcamp to help musicians launch their own subscription service. From now you can support our releases by picking a subscription only for 5€ / Month. The USM Recordings subscription plan will give you the opportunity to download the latest digital releases of USM Recordings, unique discounts to...

  • Proton Promo, now in Early Access
    Thu 15 Apr 2021

    Proton Promo, now in Early Access

    Typical promo pools turn the joy of music discovery into a mind-numbing chore. Record labels spend too much time & money sending promos. DJs are spammed. Outdated...