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  • Neon Tundra - Humans
    Tue 13 Feb 2018

    Neon Tundra - Humans


  •  Lyscuro - Loomer
    Sat 10 Feb 2018

    Lyscuro - Loomer

    Lyscuro is a band that, thanks to a suggestion from Stephen Vitiello, was formed in Richmond, Virginia in 2016. Comprised of 6 artists, their work aims to bridge personal, cultural, and temporal distances.

  • DéRidge - In Your Mind
    Fri 9 Feb 2018

    DéRidge - In Your Mind

    DéRidge is an independent Music Machine. Distributing Deep, Dark and most importantly High Energy Techno with a melodic twist.


  • Benny Knox & DJ Jace - In Detroit In Chicago
    Fri 9 Feb 2018

    Benny Knox & DJ Jace - In Detroit In Chicago

    Benny Knox & Jace are back at it. For this release, the guys give props to the cities that help shape and inspire their respective sounds. Benny lays a thumping for "In Chicago". In your face, toughness that you would expect. While Jace uses those synth stabs to get his message across for "In...

  • Conce After Pi - Primamela
    Thu 8 Feb 2018

    Conce After Pi - Primamela

    Platania Concetto Art CONCE AFTER Pi was born in 1982 and lives in Turin Italy, he is a DJ from the age of 16 and thanks to collaborations with national radio and live sets with a refined sound and underground music, he performs in the best clubs, playing techno and te...

  • Kamilo Sanclemente - Enchanted Forest
    Thu 8 Feb 2018

    Kamilo Sanclemente - Enchanted Forest

    After having had a string of releases on esteemed labels like Einmusika, Natura Viva, Perspectives Digital, and Manual Music to name a few, making him one of the fastest rising progressive house artists of the past year, Kamilo Sanclemente is gracing Flemcy Music with the deep progressive and qui...

  • TSUKI - Lapse from V.A. WINTER WINDS vol. 5
    Thu 8 Feb 2018

    TSUKI - Lapse from V.A. WINTER WINDS vol. 5

    'Lapse' is a track from San Diego based duo, TSUKI. The track is part of WINTER WINDS vol. 5, the Texas based label, SVNSET WAVES' most recent compilation - featuring 20 tracks from underground artists all around the globe.


  • Road Kahan - Heart
    Thu 8 Feb 2018

    Road Kahan - Heart

    About the release
    If label debut ‘Blue Velvet’ made you lick your lips in anticipation, you’re going to like what Road Kahan have conjured up for their second Armada Electronic Elements release. With ‘Endurance’ and ‘Heart’, the Dutch duo offer a mash of dreamy atmospheres a...

  • Smok-Mon - Serotonin
    Wed 7 Feb 2018

    Smok-Mon - Serotonin

    About the track
    Vocals by Lorentzo Jönsson.
    Live Jam session with PRO424 on Enkel LFO.
    Mixed by Smok-Mon.
    Mastered by Andreas Tilliander.
    Produced at SIFTW Records / Redmount Studios, Stockholm, Sweden.
    Released by Beat Bordell Records / SIFTW Record...

  • Mike James - Descartes (Original Mix)
    Mon 5 Feb 2018

    Deeplomatic Flavours Vol.2

    About the Compilation
    Deeplomatic Recordings proudly presents 'Deeplomatic Flavours Vol.2' the second of a series of albums in which the label carefully selects some of the most prolific up-and-coming artists.

    The compilation presents a wide range of genres from Minim...

  • Horatio - Legacy Of The First People
    Mon 5 Feb 2018

    Horatio - Legacy Of The First People

    Up next from Revolucion Records comes the latest release from Natural Rhythm's super talented label boss Horatio with "Legacy Of The First People".

  • Electrick Cityperson
    Mon 5 Feb 2018

    Electrick Cityperson - I Get It (Medesen remix)

    Chemiztri Recordings presents a new single by the London artist Electrick City, titled "I Get It". An uplifting anthemic piano house track with infectious vocals, which beside the original mix features a remix by Medesen, with lush deep synths on the top of a sub bass-line, that will be heard and...

  • That Kid Chrisperson
    Mon 5 Feb 2018

    That Kid Chrisperson - Numb (Original Mix)


  • Substrates - Surface
    Mon 5 Feb 2018

    Substrates - Surface

    Substrates is a solo synth looping project that layers textures and themes in real-time.
    Substrates’ sound has been described as neo-futuristic orchestral music.


  • KLANGPLANET - Birdland
    Mon 5 Feb 2018

    KLANGPLANET - Birdland

    Munich-based songwriter/producer Frieder Mollat started his music career in the mid 90's following his passion for music.

    Graduating from college as a musicologist in 1995 he joined the music industry for a couple of years working for record labels such as Warner Music and Edel records....

  • Retro Kid - Neon Colours
    Mon 5 Feb 2018

    Retro Kid - Neon Colours

    Retro Kid is back, with the first single from his debut album ’Nordic Noir’. ‘Nordic Noir’ shares electronic producer Jake Juba’s first hand experiences of nightlife as a “Copenhagener” . The album is laid out like an audible metro line and the first stop is ’Neon Colours’. Jake’s journey is shar...

  • Antenna - Sparks
    Mon 5 Feb 2018

    Antenna - Sparks

    Cosmic disco from Russian producer Antenna, taken from Eskimo Recordings forthcoming new compilation.


  • Tom Appl - Grand Dame
    Mon 5 Feb 2018

    Tom Appl - Grand Dame

    Tom started DJing in the early 90 ies in the areal Clubs and own events.

  • Three CP - Cannot Go In
    Mon 5 Feb 2018

    Three CP - Cannot Go In

    House & Progressive House producer. Islay-Whisky fanatic. Currently signed to 'Big Mamas House Records', 'Ufo Recordz' and 'Deepsessions Abstract'.

  • Mooxperson - Tokyo
    Mon 5 Feb 2018

    Moox - Tokyo

    Coming from Montreal, Canada, Moox is an underground techno and house music producer known for his deep and melodic tracks. His latest release “Tokyo” features an aggressive minimal techno groove with a pleasing top melody and is perfect for a dark, sweaty club.

  •  YOGS / YOGZ - Veritu
    Mon 5 Feb 2018

    YOGS / YOGZ - Veritu

    For the debut of the 42 North label, Chicago native YOGS is releasing a sensational EP featuring a blend of tech house bangers. From the deeper, techy groover Vertitus, to a full on tech assault of Body Mover, this release can play perfectly into any tech set, or work perfectly for transition bet...

  • Varsity Star - Blinds
    Mon 5 Feb 2018

    Varsity Star - Blinds


    Varsity Star is Elliot Berman, a multi-instrumentalist and producer based in Brooklyn. Growing up listening to indie rock from the Pacific Northwest, drum and bass from the UK, and just about anything else, his debut album Model Home is a re-imagining of the suburban landscape and mu...

  • Josh Hunter - That House Vibe
    Mon 5 Feb 2018

    Josh Hunter - That House Vibe


  •  Alberta
    Sat 3 Feb 2018

    Alberta - Balsam Ngelem

    The following track is available for free download through her website

    [About the track]
    Alberta Balsam kicks off with a first single 'Ngelem'. A banger that offsets indonesian gamelan and vocal samples...

  • Josh Marko - Buyin Hella Thangs
    Sat 3 Feb 2018

    Josh Marko - Buyin Hella Thangs

    Josh Marko is a producer/DJ originally from Seattle, WA and currently living in Los Angeles, CA.

  • Michael Rogel - St. Jude
    Tue 30 Jan 2018

    Michael Rogel - St. Jude


  •  Museum Of Modern Electronic Music
    Sat 27 Jan 2018

    Museum Of Modern Electronic Music

    MOMEM won't be a Museum. No museum in a classical sense. It’s a place in the here and now. An experience raising awareness for various electronic aspects of life: Sound, fashion, instruments, apps, club culture, spaces, medial surroundings, interaction.

    Most of which arose and still arises...

  • Modeselektor
    Fri 26 Jan 2018

    Sónar 2018 adds more than 50 new artists

    Thom Yorke, Modeselektor, Cornelius, GoldLink, Amp Fiddler & Tony Allen, Yung Lean, Octo Octa, Errorsmith, Lanark Artefax, A-Trak, Alva Noto, Dj Earl & Nick Hook, Laurel Halo, Chino Amobi, Charlotte de Witte and Henry Saiz (and band) are just some of the latest names to be added.

  • Marcus Knight
    Sat 20 Jan 2018

    Marcus Knight - Meridian

    Hailing from Australia, writer, producer and touring performer Marcus Knight has graced the Dance music scene for almost 20 years. Holding an impressive list of official credits from the likes of: Carl Cox, Armand Van Helden, Marshall Jefferson, Mighty Dub Katz, Timberland, Roland Clark, Missy El...

  • Mahalo -  Everything Goes Black
    Sat 20 Jan 2018

    Mahalo - Everything Goes Black