• Music Showcase Greece 2018
    Tue 14 Aug 2018

    Ανακοινώθηκαν οι 20 μπάντες/καλλιτέχνες που θα συμ...

    Μετά από πλήθος αιτήσεων που ξεπέρασαν κάθε προσδοκία, καλλιτεχνικό επίπεδο που εκτόξευσε τον ανταγωνισμό και συμμετοχές διαφορετικών μουσικών ειδών που έδωσαν χρώμα στο 1 ο Music Showcase της Ελλάδας, οι 20 μπάντες/καλλιτέχνες καθώς και οι 5 αναπληρωματικές που θα συστηθούν στο διεθνές μουσικό α...

  • Sónar
    Wed 25 Jul 2018

    Sónar's 25th anniversary

    Sónar 2018 closes its most successful edition with 126,000 attendees from 119 countries, while Sónar+D has had the participation of 5,900 professionals from 3,300 entities and companies. The festival has brought together 64,000 people in Sónar by Day and 62,000 in Sónar by Night, and the distribu...

  • Music Showcase Greece
    Fri 20 Jul 2018

    Music Showcase Greece

    Το opencall του Music Showcase Greece ολοκληρώθηκε με πλήθος αιτήσεων

  • Reworks Festival 2018
    Wed 27 Jun 2018

    REWORKS 2018

    REWORKS, the sun-filled music gathering that takes place in Thessaloniki, Greece every September, is happy to welcome a wonderful selection of artists for its 14th edition.
    Τhe line up of Reworks, as its formed after the 2nd Announcement of Acts is listed alphabetically below.


  • Reborn Festival 2018 - Electronic Seikilos
    Sun 24 Jun 2018

    Electronic Seikilos support by Reborn Festival 201...

    The team of Reborn Festival, Lemnos supports Electronic Seikilos cause and this August they will offer the music compilation during the festival. All the income from the sales of the compilation will support the cause...

  • Electronic Seikilos - Homcore
    Sun 24 Jun 2018

    Homcore, Synthesizers & Vinyl - Electronic Sei...

    Press Release

    "From tomorrow and all summer, Homcore will be open on Sundays.

    This Sunday, Homcore celebrates the most melodious institution of all, the European Music Festival, where music is available for free.

    Wed 23 May 2018


    This November apply for the 1st Music Showcase of Greece, perform on the most historical music stages of Thessaloniki and introduce yourself to international producers, organizers and art directors of the largest festivals on the planet!

  • Sónar Transmission
    Fri 20 Apr 2018

    Sónar Transmission

    Sónar's second transmission to Luytens Star b takes place on 14, 15 and 16 May. The potentially life supporting exoplanet is located 12.4 light years from Earth, more than 120 billion kilometres away.

    The transmission will also include 3 pieces of music created by festival contest winners,...

  • Vincent Marlice - Synesthesia
    Mon 9 Apr 2018

    Vincent Marlice - Synesthesia

    Born in Hamburg but raised between New York City and Santiago de Chile, Vincent Marlice’s background is as varied as his experience as a musician. Starting at a very young age, he began with the classical guitar where he later switched to electric guitar while playing in various punk bands. Durin...

  • Yonatan Rukhman - Anog (CTRL SHIFT DEFEAT Remix)
    Mon 9 Apr 2018

    Yonatan Rukhman - Anog (CTRL SHIFT DEFEAT Remix)

    In 1990 the song “Anog” by Israeli band “Noar Shulayim” was released, bringing a new and and exciting message on sexual identity and freedom, backed by the extrovert image of the lead singer, Mickiyagi.

  • Punky Wash - Rock'in
    Mon 9 Apr 2018

    Punky Wash - Rock'in

    ARTIST: Punky Wash
    TITLE: Rock'in
    LABEL: Famille Electro records
    CAT. #: FAMILLE56
    GENRE: House - Deep house
    FORMAT: Digital
    RELEASE DATE: 09/04/2018

    01. Rock'in (Original Mix)
    02. Not a love song (Original Mix)

  • Mon 9 Apr 2018

    Moon talk - Summit