• Electronic Music Equipment
    Fri 16 Oct 2020

    Equipment donation and workshops postponed due to...

    We hope soon to left behind this situation with the minimum loss and go forward with more consciousness and respect to ourselfs and to the people around us. We will keep you updated. Beautiful things are gonna follow.
    Stay safe.

  • Reworks Connekt 26 - 27 September 2020
    Wed 16 Sep 2020

    Reworks Connekt 26 - 27 September 2020

    Reworks press release:

    Following our last announcement first and foremost we would like to thank you for your patience and continued support.

  • Electronic Music Production
    Wed 16 Sep 2020

    Electronic Music Production and Dj workshops in Gr...

    Great artists from the electronic music scene of Greece are offering workshops for electronic music production and djing. We are sharing with you some information that maybe are useful for you.


    Mikael Delta

    Services & Topics
    Sound Synthesis, Drum...

  • USM Recordings Showcase
    Fri 4 Sep 2020

    USM Recordings Showcase - Summer 2020

    This is the first USM Recordings podcast, recorded in the abandoned hotel in Vatera, Lesvos island, Greece. The timing, the people and the location was right to make it happen and we are glad to share with you this special moment. AgainstMe, Icarus in love & Mic Meimaroglou presents sounds, i...

  • USM Recordings
    Sat 20 Jun 2020

    USM Recordings Bandcamp Special Offer

    USM Recordings Bandcamp Offer!
    Grab a physical release from our catalogue and
    get a 50% discount card for your next purchase.

    The discount includes all our discography.

    Available physical releases:
    Aithale - I'm The Tree LP

  • ear
    Fri 1 May 2020

    Protect this precious organ if you love sound freq...

    Like vision and all the other senses, hearing begins with transduction. Sound waves that are collected by our ears are converted into neural impulses, which are sent to the brain where they are integrated with past experience and interpreted as the sounds we experience. The human ear is sensitive...

  • USM Donation
    Wed 8 Jan 2020

    USM needs your support

    Since 2008 USM has supported without any fees numerous independent artists, music labels and music professionals from around the globe. Through our platform we help with passion and love, music professionals for discoverability and recognition, so it's really important to have your support.

  • Electronic Music Studio
    Sat 28 Dec 2019

    Music and Sound Equipment has arrived

    2019 is coming to an end but we've managed to have the first package in our studio ready for donation! The social project Electronic Seikilos running since January 2017. 
    Since then, through digital sales of the compilation and a workshop, we gathered the first amount to get...

  • Tue 24 Dec 2019

    Best wishes for year 2020

    With so many wishes that we exchange every year on Christmas Day, our daily lives should be filled with happiness, moments of love and solidarity with fellow human beings. Instead, nothing has changed for centuries now, and it has not changed because the problem lies within us all.

    If we w...

  • Sonar Athens 2019
    Thu 17 Oct 2019

    Sonar Athens 2019 Review

    We attent to the first Sonar Athens event to support the advancement of electronic music in Greece. Having attended Sonar events in Barcelona we can say that the first Sonar Athens had a positive sign and we look forward to seeing it develop in the next years. An audiovisual experience is impossi...

  • Equipment Donation
    Mon 23 Sep 2019

    Equipment Donation

    We are pleased to announce that we have raised € 500 to buy a synthesizer and a pair of monitor speakers. The equipment will be delivered to a non-profit carer which host minor children. The name of the NGO will be announced soon. The equipment will be donated and presented to the children by the...

  • Sonar Athens 2019
    Thu 12 Sep 2019

    Sonar Athens 2019 full line up

    11th and 12th  October 2019
    SonarClub, SonarHall, SonarLab


    Sónar Athens adds twelve new names to its line-up, including Alan Fitzpatrick, Enrico Sangiuliano, La Fleur and Recondite.

    Alan Fitzpatrick
    CJ J...