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Interview with Icarus in love

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I think that technology is evolving very fast and that affects electronic music, the sound the live performance, the promotion and the experience of raving.

Icarus in love

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narcissism in electronic music scene

Narcissism through arts, narcissism in electronic music scene

Is Narcissism the motivation of young artists to get involved in the electronic music scene?

Numerous social media platforms come up like mushrooms and the reason for this phenomenon is the thirst of Ego to expose itself to the public.  The Ego needs to be popular, the Ego needs to be something. The Ego is nested inside the human being and in our case, the Ego of an artist uses the exposure through social media to feed that thirst. 

The majority of music artists are addicted to a lif...



Interview with AgainstMe

Young talents will transform the electronic sound

The inspiration comes and goes, mostly I get inspired from life situations, walks in the nature and crazy nights on the dancefloor.

Icarus in love

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