A fresh collaboration with USM Reco...

A quick talk with the Israeli duo Namisoup

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USM proudly presents for the first time the Israeli lo-fi house duo Namisoup.


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USM Recordings x Formaviva

Dear friends, we hope that you have a beautiful weekend! We would like to announce our new collaboration with Formaviva as an independent online music store to host our music releases.   
From now and on our new releases will be available also to Formaviva.  We support independent music stores that truly supports artists and labels.

Check this out: https://formaviva.com/usm-recordings

Note: From 2020 our new music releases are distributed only via independent online music stores like Bandcamp. Please i...


Future Soundscapes

An interesting talk about the conceptual "Future Soundscapes" project

Nelly from ZMAI Successories, Alexios Tepetidis, Kobzev and AgainstMe

Sponsored by USM Recordings

In an artistic crossroads, an independent fashion brand and a record label join forces for a presentation directly from the Studio183 shop in Berlin.