Future Soundscapes

An interesting talk about the conceptual "Future Soundscapes" project

An interesting talk about the conceptual "Future Soundscapes" project

Nelly from ZMAI Successories, Alexios Tepetidis, Kobzev and AgainstMe

Editor USM , Photographer Alexios Tepetidis
Presented by USM Recordings
Thu 25 Mar 2021


A livestream with music from the latest USM Recordings compilation "V.A. Future Soundscapes" and a live photo shoot of Zmai by Nelizabeta's latest collection are featured. The photography is curated by Alexios Tepetidis. The name of the event, "Future Soundscapes", connects the futuristic concept of all participants, which is also the title of the music compilation. DJs and producers Kobzev and AgainstMe, will be representing the sound of the compilation "Future Soundscapes" mixing it into a mixtape on spot.


Nelly - ZMAI Successories

What's the vision besides ZMAI Successories?

Zmai means dragon in slovenian language. It's a powerful symbol that is present in all the cultures of the world and it's also strongly connected to Slovenian heritage. It symbolizes power and good fortune. It gives us wisdom to see opportunities around us and power to take advantage of them. This is the meaning I want my  brand to express. I want Zmai handbags to be your powerful companion, a "dragon" by your side that gives you strength to achieve the success you're striving for.

Tell us some words about your new collection?

At our core, we are an innovation driven sustainable brand. We believe in conscious investment over fast fashion, therefore we don't follow the usual fashion cycles and a constant pursuit of the “new”.

By following the universal language of geometry, our aim is to create timeless items with an ageless aesthetic that transcend trend and have value that will survive the test of time.

What's the connection between art, technology and ZMAI Succesories?

I was always inspired by creative people around me and I really like collaborating with other artists and designers because I see it as an opportunity to enrich my work and give it new dimensions and perspectives. I often used my bags as a platform- a canvas to express ideas and creative visions.

Zmai bags are made in a very innovative way blending state of the art technology in combination with traditional handcrafting skills. They are digitally handcrafted out of modular units which gives them a unique and recognizable appearance and enables me to explore the potential of creative interpretations. Its a powerful tool when combined with visionary ideas.

For the Metamorphosis I collaborated with various Berlin artists. I used prints of their artworks and used them to make the bags. Because of the unique assembly process the initial work has been transformed and got an entirely new appearance. The potential of creative synergies were explored also in my latest collaborative project named as the USM's ambient electronic music album "Future soundscapes". Zmai bags were styled with clothes from selected designers of Studio183 and photographed in front of projections of a unique Digital Artist, Maotik, who has created live generative artwork projection exhibitions all around the world, combining science and art with the latest technology.


Alex Tepetidis

Where does your work focus more?

I consider my self a Fashion Photographer but what I am looking for as a Photographer is that little spark on every person character, so basically my work is focused on the personality of the person that make a photo interesting and inspired to the people. I truly believe that the "beauty" of a person, this little "diamond" of every person is hidden inside to them, so my work is to discover these diamonds and show it to the people. All the diamonds are precious but some of them are rare. Finally, my work is focused on Personalities and Fashion on a dramatic look.

From your point of view, what makes a good picture?

I could say a lot of things about this question but it is so simple and alongside so hard so what makes a picture good is the simplicity and the nature of the picture in the right moment.


VLAD (aka Kobzev)

Who is Kobzev?

Artistically it is my alias under which I lay all my ideas that involve experimentation around the electronic music sound that can be defined under the name techno. Heavily inspired by the 90's decade and taking touches from various other times when the sound of techno had its peaks, I try to make my own sense and give my productions a personal direction. Official it is my family name, so you can say it is a natural extension of myself.

What's coming next from Kobzev?

I have been putting a lot of energy into developing a vinyl release containing some of my recently written dancefloor oriented tracks. It's a process that I would like to not rush until I feel it's ready to be released but I feel the time is soon. Also looking into longterm I am experimenting on finding a nice way to combine my music with other forms of Digital Arts, such as visuals. Although I always was fascinated by them, recent interaction with some amazing visual artists brought out further interest from my side and gave me ideas how my music making methods can be combined with visual creation practices in order to generate more holistic experiences for the spectator.


What's the idea behind Future Soundscapes?

Future Soundscapes borned when I had a talk with Michael Meimaroglou about how covid-19 changed the music industry and what we can do for it. So, we decided to make a compilation dedicated to all the people of the music industry that they miss clubbing,dancing and listening to loud music. However,as there is no space to dance anymore, it didn't make sense to us to release a dance related compilation.
So, we came with the idea to combine the techno aesthetics that reminds us all these nights that we were dancing  together with the ambient soundscapes that help us to carry these hard days. The combination of these two, for us, is the sound of the future.

ZMAI successories ZMAI successories are inspired by the powerful symbolism of the dragon that signifies power, strength, and good fortune. Our innovative handbags are created with respectful appreciation towards traditional craftsmanship, passionate attention to detail and visionary pursue of innovative ideas. Created without compromising on functionality in order to look good and versatile. The signature three-dimensional surface of Zmai bags is a result of an inventive process called digital craftsmanship. Artisanal handicraft combined with artisanal technology comes to life in a futuristic geometry.

Location: Studio 183 - Bikini Berlin

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Zmai by Nelizabeta
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