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Interview with Space GR

Interview with Space GR

A nice talk with Corpus Black records founder Nick Delimpasis

Editor USM
Sun 29 Dec 2019

Hi Nick and welcome on USM!
Hello Michael thank you for the invitation!

Where are you right now and what are you cooking?
Most of my time I’m spending it at my studio working for the label and my personal projects.

How you describe musically the year that are going to pass? What you wish for 2020?
2019 was a year full of music and many releases at Corpus Black, Space Limited and friends labels also.
For the New Year first I’m wishing health to everyone.

Tell us a few words about Corpus Black and about your personal music project as an artist. What was the motivation to create the label?  
As our motto say ‘Stay close for something different from the usual’ that was my motivation for the creation of the label.
The last years I’m running five different artist projects in the electronic scene with a different sound between them and few know who is behind them and I prefer not to reveal them at this time.

VVAA - Sounds of Nature.  This compilation includes real interesting electronic compositions of 31 talented Greek artists. What was the idea behind the project and what do you expect.
The idea of bringing together a lot of Greek artists is not new , many other labels have done that before. What I wanted to do with purely criterion as a selection of artists who have something to “offer” in music and the Greek electronic scene, there are some artists in this compilation that is their first time releasing and I have to say that they did an amazing work, something that was shown in the feedback. Just being named by our friend Dave Miller (one of both members of the Abstract Division) as one of the best compilation for 2019 means a lot  for the label and of course for all artists. The year couldn't close better!!

Share with us some insights of your studio and what triggers your inspiration?
I don’t have anything specific to say about my studio, I’m searching as much at hardware as in software. My inspiration comes from anything that can motivate me such as a movie, music or a picture..

As an artist how you see the electronic music industry what you love and what you hate? Where do you place yourself in the music business? It is a music business for you or not?
History so far has shown us that electronic music has fallen slightly over the last 5 years, and anyone who is interested in it can notice that. What I really like is hearing new sounds from new artists, what I get bored of and I “hate to deadly ” are artists who assume they have a history in the music industry not to evolve their sound and the labels who don’t give young artists the opportunity to show their talent. Music is not a business for me I didn't start with the thought of making money through it...  it's a way to express my feelings.

What's your vision about the future of electronic music?
More space for young artists. This is the only way music will evolve.

We was used to call Techno an "underground genre"...What you believe today for that? What is underground label means to you? 
80% of electronic music today is baptized as Techno which is not true at all.
Underground label has to do 100% with the sound.

What's your plans for today?
Make a Choco cake with my wife :-P xoxoxoxo

Share with us something positive and motivating?
Be faithful to yourself and to what you do and don't stop chasing your dreams!



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