A quick talk with the Israeli duo Namisoup

A quick talk with the Israeli duo Namisoup

A fresh collaboration with USM Recordings

Editor USM
Fri 7 Jan 2022

Hi guys and welcome on USM family, it is an honour for us to host your brand new ep in our label!
N: Thank you very much for having us!

What’s the story behind your project Namisoup?
N:For many years we written music, I think that our first song was written in 2007 on program called guitar pro, most of our projects during the years
 never reached a full production scale and in 2018 after Bonobo show in Tel-Aviv we decided that it’s about time to create a new project and that we will not let it die,
 So, we started to create an electronic music that was inspired by the music that we listened to at that time. Actually  our second song was BBQ.
 As time passed, we discovered that vibe and rhythm are the things that hit us the most.   

When and what made you get involved with music?
N: Music is a big subject in our group of friends, as teenagers we all have been listening to Metal/Punk and went to shows, followed new album releases etc.
as time went by, we discovered many other great music genres and until today we have small whatsapp group that dedicated just for sharing music! Music is endless and we are constantly discovering new music that influence our tracks from electronic genres like IDM, House and ambient to dreampop and metal, as well as we have a warm place in our hearts for video game soundtracks.

According to your ep, what was your main inspiration and where the vocal samples are coming from?
N: Midnight soup is a collection of 4 songs that are relatively "dark/melancholic" but also club-oriented.
Linger and Veera were written from half melancholic half optimistic place, Veera was inspired by the sample itself, which was taken from
an interview from the 50s with a woman named Veera which suffered from schizophrenia. Linger was inspired by Burial (The artist) sampling method
which is to use a singing cover for famous songs. This cover is by youtuber name Julienne Zhou. Whales and Bbq are more aggressive, Whales sample is a voice message of a friend telling about a bad date that she had and BBq is just from random youtube guy bravely saving his BBQ after fire took place.

Music for the Music or Music for the people?
N: Both! the most important thing is to create music that you love and reflect, but it also feels so good to get feedback from people from all over the globe

Share with us something positive and motivating :)
N: Gems are hidden everywhere

" We like melodies, samples and beats, located in Tel Aviv. Runs by Neil Michaeli and Michael Coletti "

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