• Khåen - Cede Of David
    Sun 4 Mar 2018

    Khåen - Cede Of David

    Scandinavian artist profoundly fascinated by the long nights and cold surroundings he finds himself in. Cede Of David built up around a simple synth-brass lead line, and oozing of a certain class you seldom hear.


  • Nima Khaste - Live set
    Sun 4 Mar 2018

    Nima Khaste - Live set

    Nima Khaste is an Iranian London based Music Producer, with years of experience in the industry. Part of the Successful Due Whilk and Misky, working with Island records/Universal, Sony publishing, Rocket music Management, and other sync agencies.


  • Mirage Island - Everflowing Fountain
    Sun 4 Mar 2018

    Mirage Island - Everflowing Fountain

    This is the most reflective and first ambient techno track on this 4-track EP by Mirage Island. The EP is continuous-play, telling a story about an isolated visit to a peaceful, hidden spiritual place. Mirage Island is a collaborative project which focuses on environment, this track provides sett...

  • Mirror Image - Unfriendly
    Sun 4 Mar 2018

    Mirror Image - Unfriendly



  • S.O.S Bloodline - The Editor Remix
    Sun 4 Mar 2018

    S.O.S - Bloodline (The Editor Remix)

    S.O.S says; “The concept behind Bloodline stemmed from the notion that society tend to treat and think about people who don’t fall into the ‘norm’ category, differently.

  •  HOLY PINK - Fragrant
    Sun 4 Mar 2018

    HOLY PINK - Fragrant

    HOLY PINK somehow manages to capture the sense of smell through audio and visual alone in their debut video, 'Fragrant.' Oscillating synths blossom as vibrant pink visuals and sweet-scented flowers dance across screen. Leading woman Anna Wallace begins to sing through a bizarre vocoder, prompting...

  • Manara - Ave Brasil
    Sun 4 Mar 2018

    Manara - Ave Brasil

    Manara is the offspring of a very peculiar and prolific age of Rio’s fin de siècle nightlife, one harbored by legendary venue Dama de Ferro and helmed by some of the luminaries of our late 2000’s decade contemporary scene. A time-place in which forged tastes, skills, tools and inclinations that m...

  • Ikeaboy - Living in the Future
    Sun 4 Mar 2018

    Ikeaboy - Living in the Future

    Damian Tubbritt has been making his own brand of machine music since 1999, originally getting into production as a way to promote his djing. Around 2001 he began playing hardware based live techno/electro sets in his home town's club scene. He moved into teaching music production full time in 200...

    Sun 4 Mar 2018



  • Dreamalot - Lunar Landing
    Wed 28 Feb 2018

    Dreamalot - Lunar Landing

    Dreamalot is a Canadian artist residing in Vancouver Canada. Dreamalot's deep, dreamy, smooth and dark style of house/techno music production have earned his tracks downloads on Beatport, features on blogs, playlists on Spotify and appearances in feature films, animations and documentaries.

  • Sónar 2018
    Tue 27 Feb 2018

    Sónar 2018 program is now completed

    Among the 50 new artists joining the program are Demdike Stare, Sophie, Yaeji, IAMDDB, Jenny Hval, Miss Kittin & Kim Ann Foxman, Alizzz, Liberato and Objekt, as well as 2manydjs, who will also play the closing DJ set at Sónar by Day on Saturday 16 June.

    The Sónar 2018 international tou...

  • Nanonoise - Cocoon
    Sat 24 Feb 2018

    Nanonoise - Cocoon

    Nanonoise was born in and raised in Belgium and was already interested in electronic music from a young age, when he was clung to the radio to record tracks from late-night techno shows on cassette tapes.