• 2 Tall Keith and Noel Sanger
    Tue 13 Mar 2018

    2 Tall Keith and Noel Sanger - Underground Feelin...

    2 Tall Keith & Noel Sanger the Florida Veteran DJ’s / Producers have teamed up to bring you a proper underground tech house track .

    This hypnotic groove was geared more for the late nights and early morning after parties with a unique powerful male vocal to carry the mood , also featur...

  • At Dawn - Nightfall
    Tue 13 Mar 2018

    At Dawn - Nightfall

    All Bandcamp proceeds of this song go the the SF nonprofit Friends of the Urban Forest, who plant numerous trees around the city in an effort to improve quality of life.



  • Warren Fellow - Elision
    Sat 10 Mar 2018

    Warren Fellow - Elision

    Stickrsound proudly presents a Dutch deejay/producer that has proven itself in the Tech House/Techno scene; Warren Fellow. His unique sound brought him from Mexico to Germany and from Spain to China. Elision is the latest of his hand on Dutch imprint Stickrsound. He continues to reflect the energ...

  • Trevy - Come With Me
    Sat 10 Mar 2018

    Trevy - Come With Me

    As a child in his hometown of Cali, Colombia, Trevy developed his love for music playing the piano. He started his passion for electronic music after being in a concert of a highly renowned DJ. Trevy felt the desire of giving people the same emotions he felt that night at that concert. Since then...

  • Space Above - Leave Home (Edit Select Remix)
    Fri 9 Mar 2018

    Space Above - Leave Home (Edit Select Remix)

    Space Above is the side project of Aaron Short, the New Zealand artist best known as producer and keyboardist for The Naked and Famous. Alongside fellow kiwis, Sam McCarthy (BOYBOY) and Maddie North (So Below), Space Above strays from pop structures in an exp...

  • Mayten - Deprive Us
    Sun 4 Mar 2018

    Mayten - Deprive Us

    Mayten: I'm a Latvian artist, producer and DJ based in Seattle, making unique listenable electronic music. My music is inspired by both downtempo and dance music, trying to find the balance between experimental and driving, emotional yet breezy. My...

  • Messy & The Gang - We Are Leaving
    Sun 4 Mar 2018

    Messy & The Gang - We Are Leaving

    Messy & The Gang: "We Are Leaving" is the opening track from my upcoming Ep " A New Principle ".

    Messy & The Gang is a project started in Berlin with the collaboration of many artists and producers.

    I came up with the idea of building a...

  • OhmField - IHT
    Sun 4 Mar 2018

    OhmField - IHT

    OhmField is an electronic producer from London, UK. With an eclectic range of influences, his music blends contemporary sounds with other, more conventional elements.


  • Hatis Noit - Illogical Lullaby (Matmos Edit)
    Sun 4 Mar 2018

    Hatis Noit - Illogical Lullaby (Matmos Edit)

    Japanese vocal performer Hatis Noit reveals the Matmos edit of ‘Illogical Lullaby’ accompanied by striking visuals directed by Yoshiko Akita. The ‘Illogical Dance’ EP, out 23rd March 2018, is an arresting 4-track record creating unique song-worlds with transcendent vocal interpretations that at o...

  • Styline & Mojavee - Right Now
    Sun 4 Mar 2018

    Styline & Mojavee - Right Now

    Power House producer Styline and Mexican newcomer Mojavee continue their creative hot streak with new single ‘Right Now’, out today via European imprint PinkStar. Combining big basslines, driving percussion and sparse, filtered, looping vocal samples that roll up against each other, ‘Right Now’ i...

  • Khåen - Cede Of David
    Sun 4 Mar 2018

    Khåen - Cede Of David

    Scandinavian artist profoundly fascinated by the long nights and cold surroundings he finds himself in. Cede Of David built up around a simple synth-brass lead line, and oozing of a certain class you seldom hear.


  • Nima Khaste - Live set
    Sun 4 Mar 2018

    Nima Khaste - Live set

    Nima Khaste is an Iranian London based Music Producer, with years of experience in the industry. Part of the Successful Due Whilk and Misky, working with Island records/Universal, Sony publishing, Rocket music Management, and other sync agencies.