• Atella feat. AURORA - Ascension
    Wed 21 Feb 2018

    Atella feat. AURORA - Ascension

    Today see's the release of Beacon One, the debut EP from Norwegian duo Atella. Having released a series of acclaimed singles over the past year or so Magnus and Johannes have truly spread their wings with this release and let their cosmic sci-fi fantasies take flight.

  • RINSED - Hold On
    Wed 21 Feb 2018

    RINSED - Hold On (Dan's Playa Tech Mix)

    A party, a collective, an institution built by the voices of the ravers who wanted just a little bit more to their hedonistic adventures. Two individuals - Dan Wender and Blacky II - came together one night in Brooklyn seven years ago and decided to do their own thing on small-but-sexy scale, and...

  • KLANGPLANET - Microgravity
    Wed 21 Feb 2018


    Munich-based songwriter/producer Frieder Mollat started his music career in the mid 90's following his passion for music.

    Graduating from college as a musicologist in 1995 he joined the music industry for a couple of years working for record labels such as Warner Music and Edel records....

  • Ryan Dulmaine - Kinkerstraat
    Wed 21 Feb 2018

    Ryan Dulmaine - Kinkerstraat

    Ryan Dulmaine - kinkerstraat - Abysmal Records. Ryan Dulmaine's first release of 2018 on Abysmal Records. This composition is a blend of deep, melodic house and techno for the soul.


  • Endor - Gunna Be Mine
    Wed 21 Feb 2018

    Endor - Gunna Be Mine

    Endor’s new single, Gunna Be Mine, is a deeper and techier take on his popular house sound. Featuring an infectious, grooving bassline and chopped 90s-style vocals, you’re not gunna’ be able to resist the temptation of grabbing your own copy.

  •  YXA - Pansar
    Wed 21 Feb 2018

    YXA - Pansar

    Päls is the the more alternative, quirky and upbeat B-side track of YXAs latest single release: Pansar (released on 7th of February, 2018).
    YXA is an electronic, Stockholm-based duo tracing its roots to Umeå and Istanbul and consists of Deniz Duvarci and Gustav Frykholm. They have so far rel...

  •  Idem Zerum
    Wed 21 Feb 2018

    Idem Zerum - A Digital Rose

    Based out of California, I seek to bring you the sound of the underground; booming House, chugging Techno, and deep Progressive. I do all my sound-design, arrangement, mixing, and mastering myself. With the growing popularity of EDM, dance culture has become a commercialized, superstar-celeb echo...

  • Nobots - Platonische Koerper
    Wed 21 Feb 2018

    Nobots - Platonische Koerper

    Coming from from Cologne, Germany the project Nobots consists of Marco Doll and Tayfun Tufan. Doll comes in contact with techno in the late 90'. Influenced by Chris Libing and DJ Rush he starts creating his own sounds. As a booker and resident DJ for Industry of Sounds events he collects more inf...

  • KARL RITTER - Devils Beat EP
    Wed 21 Feb 2018

    KARL RITTER - Devils Beat EP

    Karl Ritter starts his career in 1998 when he hosts his first evening dances in nightclubs. Over the next three years he works on his technique and gathers experience of public contact.
    His philosophy of always building the evening around the music leads makes him realize he needs to know mo...

  • Shane Euston - Solitude
    Wed 21 Feb 2018

    Shane Euston - Solitude

    Shane Euston has been in the music Industry since age 9. He has performed 3 songs which were written by him at age 11 at the ''Goa Movie Festival Awards''

    Shane Euston has completed a full time music production and sound engineering course in one of the best music collages in London 'Point...

  • Khonsu The Child, Max Reals - Energy
    Wed 21 Feb 2018

    Khonsu The Child, Max Reals - Energy

    London based DJ Bertie Wimble (a.k.a Khonsu Groove), brings a real thumping energy to his live sets and production. Catchy vocal cuts coupled with fat bass hooks cements Bertie’s sound with a place in the tech house scene. DJing for the past eight years, with a natural taste for underground music...

  • Underbooz - Seven Planets
    Wed 21 Feb 2018

    Underbooz - Seven Planets

    Almost 20 years have passed since Xavi and Gabi colaborated together producing in the studio .
    After persuing their solo careers they reunite to present their new project under the label UNDERBOOZ.
    Originating from a base of new wave techno with a notable influence of trance, whilst equ...