Mixshow 17




Mixshow with GummiHz

Groove is in the heart and gummi is in the hertz!!

A Wolf and Lamb silent partner, Mobilee expat, Realtone records favourite, and ex londoner has had his diverse musical output featured on highly esteemed labels both in Europe and the US! The list goes on to Jerome Sydenham’s Ibadan records, Defected and even major labels like Tommy Boy!

Considering himself as a “world citizen”, Alex left his native Greece since 16 years from a very young age and after a decade based in London he now resides in Berlin. Having lived in 3 different countries, had him exposed to many different cultures which taught him to draw his influences from various people, everyday life, nature and different styles in the musical sphere.

Apart from electronic dance music Alex is also an avid fan of jazz, disco, soul and any sort of music that carries the right attitude to his taste. A man of exquisit taste, it is not by chance that some favourites in his record collection include fellow greeks Stavros Ksarxakos, Vangelis, Demmis Rousos amongst other contemporaries like Herbie Hancock, Bill Evans, Klaus Schulze and Fela Kuti.

Fast forward and we are in 2010. An important year as Alex made a major step in his carrier by founding his own label Claap records. A platform for modern dance music offering the creative freedom to showcase more sides of his productions as well as creating a ground for other artists to blossom. Already with a core group of artists Claap is making a name for cutting edge dance music and has already gained attention from many industry heads around the globe!

Later the same year saw the launch of C-EDITS! A project/ boutique label releasing edits and covers of old favourites ranging from disco, pop and dance. The project runs on a limited number of vinyls, and is the only way to share with those vinyl diggers, the work he puts into integrating any sort of musical influence in his dj set! The project has been a favourite of many key players both in Europe and the US! C-EDITS has developed such a characteristic way of editing or even covering an original song that has a lot of music enthusiasts buzzing about it! As wolf and lamb’s Gadi and Zev put it “A venerable master of the cut!”

More recently Alex launched another vinyl only series called Raw Instinct. A label dedicated to that NY house sound that has influenced him since a young age. It was due to a good friend of his who owned a record shop in his hometown of Edessa where Alex got deeper into this sound. He would spent all day stocking and listening to new house arrivals mainly from US labels.

Emotional, sarcastic, dramatic, sensitive, dynamic can describe Alex’s personality and attitude on music making and performing. Seamlesly fusing different styles and different times. A dj at heart, GummiHz puts a lot of energy and emotion into his performances which have captivated audiences all over the world. Alex has performed in numerous venues in Europe, Asia as well as North and South America!

An important part of Greece’s modern dance export according to techno legend and friend Derrick May, GummiHz preserves a solid artistic profile with a string of releases on very esteemed imprints. Constantly building a strong reputation for his signature productions and diverse output. the adventure never stops. Or otherwise?
Gummi is in the hertz!