Mixshow 51




Mixshow 51 - RIct


" Electronic music is the music of the future and techno is the sound that connects and simultaneously melts all time, images and feelings, creating bursts of energy, black holes to dive into and colorful shades to refresh you, mentally and physically pushing you to face the cosmos and merge with it.This one hour mix was recorded with this mentality. " RIct


01. Daniel Bell - Work That Shit [KLANG15]
02. Marcelus - Say it Again [TRESOR305]
03. Junior Boys - Work (Marcell Dettmann Remix) [PHILOMENA03]
04. Population One - Escape [EVENT0001]
05. Abstract Division - Deformation (Mike Parker Remix) [DREF011]
06. Shifted - Deft Hiss [DRFT003]
07. Plastikman - Mind In Rewind (Steve Bicknell Lost Remix) [MINUS100REPLIKANTS]
08. Felix Fleer - It's Ending [COUNTER014]
09. Samuli Kemppi - Bioskopp [POLEGROUP35CD]
10. Donato Dozzy - TB Square [TRESOR303]
11. Locked Club - Acid Supremacy [TP007]
12. Mike Huckaby - Basement Trax [TRESOR252]
13. Jon Hester - Dimension Seven [MS085]
14. Antigone - Printer's Devil [POLEGROUP35CD]
15. Dold - Pushing [MT17]
16. Deputy Dawg - Gunslinger [PF053]
17. Christian Wunsch - Bleeding Walls [TSU035]
18. Delta Funktionen - Pusher [RAMXCD01]
19. Acid Jesus - Elektrosmog [AER030LP]
20. James Ruskin - Nocke [TRESOR314]
21. Jonas Kopp - Magnetic Anomalies [SEMANTICA98]
22. Ancient Methods - Walking On Cursed Soil [AM-00]
23. Mike Parker - Ice Fissure [MOTE039]
24. Blawan - Stell [TESC005]
25. Andrea - Future Atmo [IT039]
26. Kamikaze Space Programme - Numbers Stations [HOOD002]
27. Addison Groove - Work It [SWAMP:009]
28. DJ S² (Santiago Salazar) - Kamasutra [SUBCD-3014]
29. DBX - City On The Edge Of Forever [PF015]

Rlct is a techno producer & DJ based in Athens, Greece, active since 2014.Throughout these years, as a permanent resident of Lesvos island Rlct had a monthly residency at many local hot spots and got involved in the DIY scene as a founding member of the "Aegean Beats" project and of LABotomy Collective later on, both groups of young people pushing quality electronic music, organizing numerous parties and raves in many spots on the island. Nowadays, he channels his energy into exploring and creating new sound.