Mixshow 54

Nicolas Vogler


nicolas vogler

Mixshow 54 - Nicolas Vogler

Nicolas Vogler’s fascination for music stretches back far into hischildhood. Born and raised in Londrina, southern Brazil, his musicaljourney first manifested itself in an admiration for punk and rock n’roll, which inspired him in his early years to learn guitar. As ateenager, he discovered electronic music through underground parties,nurturing a passion for techno that has only grown over the years.Inspired by the dirty rawness of old school techno and the hypnoticvibes of more contemporary tracks, Nicolas Vogler decided to pursue hisnewfound passion by DJing at small events in his hometown.

Today, he isa producer, gaining renown through his own personal label NCLS as wellas through recent releases on groove-focused techno labels such as SyxtBerlin, Drawner records, Malör Records, ESP Collective, HemisferioBarcelona and Secession. Played by techno DJs worldwide, Nicolas’tracks can be found in mixes by notable artists such as Setaoc Mass, BenSims, Arkan, Norman Nodge, Insolate, Temudo, and many others.



nicolas vogler