GummiHz - Electronic Seikilos Participation

Fri 7 Oct 2016

Alex Tsotsos aka GummiHz is a unique creative force and an exceptional artist! “The Andre 3000 of techno” according to the ‘innovator’ and legend, Derrick May! A natural born dj and diverse music producer, Alex is the man behind the imprints Claap, C-EDITS and Raw Instinct. Since 2006, he has release music with New York’s Ibadan records, Wolf + Lamb black, Berlin’s Mobilee records, Paris’s Realtone records and eclectic sister label Earthrumental music, Defected records, Fabric and even majors like Tommy Boy! A rich discography which also includes the debut album “Sleepless nights” (Mobilee/ 2009) and mix compilations such as Back 2 back vol.2 (Mobilee/ 2008) and “GummiHz presents Alles Claap vol.1” (Claap/ 2013).

Alex grew up with a strict sense of his own taste, gifted with musicianship and charisma which where pretty obvious since childhood. Ending up with his first proper dj residency just at 15! Although Alex doesn’t come from any techno or house mecca, it seems that the whole universe conspired so that, while still a teenager, Alex would get his ears and hands on house and techno records coming from New York, Detroit, Chicago, London and Paris.

GummiHz has brought his signature sound to clubs and events in many countries in north and south America, Europe and Asia playing at clubs and events in numeroous cities across the globe. A Berlin resident since a few years Alex plays regularly at most clubs in the city. Having lived in London from 1996 until 2006, experiencing both the electronic music explosion during the mid 90s in the UK as well as the famous summer of love in ’98.

Alex’s carrier has its own fair share of twist and turns. The most notable being in 2010, when he felt the need to take his carrier to the next level! Following the circumstances, this uncompromising spirit founded his own label Claap. In just a couple of years, Claap has signed many new artists focusing solely on their musical talent. Claap has also featured music and remixes from well known acts and has gained many admirers around the world.

Soon after, followed the launch of the sublabels C-EDITS and Raw Instinct. C-EDITS is a project and a label focusing on covers, edits and original music spanning from breaks and disco to slow house. The label received world wide notoriety due to its signature approach on re editing or recomposing a song. One strong example is the first release on C-EDITS, an edit by Alex on the classic 90s anthem “So in love with you” by Duke Ellington. Duke liked the edit so much that he licensed it as an official remix! Soon after, Alex released a C-EDITS cover of “Fade to grey” by Visage, on Wolf + Lamb black.

Raw Instinct is a series of club tools which Alex produced solely for his dj sets since the past years. The series also pays homage to the sound and the clubs that inspired him since being a teenager. Clubs like the Sound Factory (New York), The End (London), MOS (London), Space mobile (Thessaloniki) and Cavo Paradiso (Mykonos).

A man of exquisit taste, Alex is an avid fan of jazz, disco, soul, rock, folk, classical or any sort of music that is touching to him. Influences also come from many artists outside electronic dance music. With plenty of releases in the pipeline, Alex Tsotsos is proving to be a never ending source of quality dance music. A man who gives back to the scene he is so passionate about, Alex is not deluded by trends and hype but follows strictly his inner instinct.