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Mixshow with And.ID

Latest interview of And.ID, "Summer talk with And.ID"

How did your collaboration with Mobilee began?
I met Anja Schneider several years ago, in one of those beach parties during Sonar Festival in Barcelona. Since then, we kept in touch, exchanging music and eventually, she invited me to Berlin for an interview on her show “Dance under the blue moon”. There, she listened to me play for the first time, "One is not enough", which then, became my first record in this label. There followed a series of singles, a compilation, the creation of the live band and my first solo album, Eternal Return. At the same time, there have been released several records, remixes and collaborations in labels, like 2020vision, Get Physical, Plastic City, Taverna Tracks, etc.

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And.ID is mobilee's master of swung beats, characterising his textured and rhythmic productions as "body moving, and mind grooving." Born and bred in Thessaloniki, Greece, Andreas Dimitriadis began reciprocating music from an early age absorbed in his father's extensive record collection. From his musical studies, he applied his training to a range of artistic outlets, jamming in local bands, producing tracks for freestyle groups and creating scores for short films. And.ID spent a great portion of his time sifting through colorful records, discovering new worlds and building relationships in his favorite getaway spot, Playground record store in Thessaloniki.

In 2002, And.ID became involved with NON, the Greek artist's collective responsible for the Reworks Electronic Music Festival and club nights throughout the country and his first release appeared onThinner. One year later he attended the Red Bull Music Academy in Cape Town and shortly there after released on Ware Records. In 2008, he entered the Berlin music scene with "One Is Not Enough", his mobilee debut that showcased both intricate production skills, and a unique integration of live components, the latter of which has lent an inimitable sound to his material.

The critically acclaimed "Sand on the Floor" followed, as did "First Talk" and "I Will Be There", and in 2010 And.ID took his unique amalgam of electronics and live instrumentation to its furthest reaches, with his ambitious and celebrated installment for mobilee's Back to Back compilation series. Alongside a disc of curated highlights from the label's catalogue, he formed the And.ID and B.A.N.D. collective for a second disc of live jazz interpretations of mobilee classics. Sebo K's anthem "Horizons," Pan-Pot's lush, piano-led track "Faces," and Anja Schneider's defining collaboration with Sebo K, "Rancho Relaxo" were all painstakingly re-recorded, arranged, and re-edited by And.ID and B.A.N.D. This year, as well as a new EP "Psychedelic Love" on mobilee, And.ID had his first release on 2020 Vision "Need For Chicago", and a track he made with Anja Scheider'"Imagination", is featured on Heidi's Jackathon Compilation on Get Physical Music. "Black Mamba" was added to the track list one year, followed by "Live Cuts Vol. 1". This raw, straight-from-the-soul EP earned And.ID the number five spot on Groove's Top Singles chart in late 2012. His new full length album, "Eternal Return" is in the release pipeline for June 2013 and will re-introduce And.ID as he digs deep into his musical roots and depicts his world in newly discovered melodies.

And.ID's acclaimed live show integrates both well-loved and unreleased productions, loops and esoteric grooves into a high-energy affair.His one-of-a-kind live show has landed him extensive tours throughout Australia, North and South America, plus spots at world-renowned clubs like Fabric and Panorama Bar, and international festivals such as Sonar, Nuits Sonores, Synch, Monegros and Reworks. Whether it's house or techno, melodic or organic, percussive grooves, or rough and edgy snares, one thing is certain: whether on deck live or playing records, And.ID delivers. He is on course for further ingenious old-world takes on four-to-the-floor modernism. Moreover, And.ID's individualized approach is a perfect reflection of the vision, passion, and love of music that continues to drive the extended mobilee team in all that they do, and all that will come.