A quick talk with Alexskyspirit

A quick talk with Alexskyspirit

A quick talk with Alexskyspirit

Every piece of art you create is dedicated to art.Is something unique,a piece of your heart, of your soul.

Editor Kostas Sitaras
Mon 10 May 2021

Hi Alex and welcome on USM!

Alex: Hi guys,nice to meet you and thanks for having me!

Who is Alexskyspirit ?

Alex: Wish i knew,haha.As an artist i guess still searching myself with constant experimentation,trying out new techniques,different approaches and so on.

As a person not an easy going man to be honest,but i always try to evolve and to learn.

When and what made you get involved with music?

Alex: The music genre that fascinated me, to be in a searching loop every day, was psychedelic trance. I was 15 years old as far as i can remember.That was the first red pill i guess.Then in my high school days i started djing in my local area just for fun for some years and later on i and my best friend launched our very own party.It was a nice journey for 4 years but everything comes in an end.

With music production i got envolved back in 2017.I had no idea how it works,the whole process.My first release was on May 2017 and then everything took it's course.There wasn't a special reason behind all this,just for the love of music.Sounds cliche but it's the truth.

Share with us some insights of your workflow in the studio and what triggers your inspiration?

Alex: I can not start a new project without playing in the backround my main field recording or pad noise.Then i start layering the bassline with my pads that usually are three or four.I spend most of my time to find the perfect frequencies between them,just to create the imagination that my head is up to.This is the most important and fun thing on my workflow.

I guess my inspiration is based on simple and ordinary things.Things that drive me under a full imagination like a movie scene,a walk,a rainfall during winter times or some of my deep fears.On the other hand i gain inspiration from totally different kinds of music like drone,experimental,dnb,dark and pop ambient or artists that i trully admire their work listening on a daily basis their music.

Music for the Music or Music for the people? 

Alex: Definitely music for the music. I guess it sounds a little bit weird the way i say it but i trully believe it.Music is art.Every piece of art you create is dedicated to art.Is something unique,a piece of your heart, of your soul.And here comes the most important thing.You have to be you.Discover what you love,make music that comes from your heart and then, out there,you will find people that vibrate at the same frequency as you.During the last six months i signed music on record labels were was on my target goals.The thing that made me so happy is that i joined these labels without changing my sound or my style at all.This is my biggest achievement so far,and saying that i take the chance to repeat myself.Music for the music!

What’s coming next, any news for upcoming releases? 

Alex: Well,yes I have some upcoming stuff on the way,most of them debuts.Materia ,Aarden Records and Khoros Records contributing for V.A. compilations,then my second EP on Planet Rhythm coming out 21 May,I also have Eps on Aspect Ratio and on Artscope,a remix for Postdynamic and on September my second EP on Edit Select.I’m very excited for these.




A quick talk with Alexskyspirit
A quick talk with AlexskyspiritA quick talk with Alexskyspirit