Victor Ruiz

Interview with Victor Ruiz

Interview with Victor Ruiz

A quick talk during a flight

Editor USM
Wed 26 Jun 2019

Hello Victor and welcome on USM!
Thank you, it’s my pleasure to be here.

Where are you right now and what are you cooking?
I’m on a plane (again) flying back to Europe. I just went to Brazil for four days to start a new project - really exciting one! Also, it was nice to be back home in Brazil for a few days, as since moving to Berlin it's a long way and is always nice to see family and friends.

Do you like traveling? A special place that you want to visit on the future? Have you ever been in Greece before?
Traveling is my life. I’d say I’m kinda addicted to it and can’t see myself not traveling whether I was a DJ or not, I would always want to explore new places, as I feel its such an important part of life to uncover new places, cultures and to help you grow and understand more as an adult. Believe it or not, I actually still have a few placed I want to visit. Top ones on the list are the moment are Iceland, Japan and Hawaii. I have been to Athens a few times, it’s awesome. I really love to play here too, the crowd are always ready to party.

So let's land on the music part... Victor Ruiz — Nimbus debut ep released on Drumcode this May. Share with us some insights of the release. How came the connection with Drumcode and what do you expect from this collaboration?
Adam and I have been in contact now for a few years and I have always kept him up to date with my music and sent over some demos. It came to the point that he liked a few that I sent over, and so we took it from that point. Of course, Drumcode is such an amazing label – the team are very welcoming and hardworking, they have some of the best events all over the world. It truly does have a family vibe – something that I have heard a lot of Drumcode artists talk about – but it’s true. I can’t wait to hopefully work with them more in the future.

What is the main music gear that you use for your music production? Your favorite gear?
Currently my computer (Macbook Pro), and my many plugins. I’m still buying gear for my new studio in Berlin, so I’d say for now my Moog Subsequent 37 and my Fender Precision Bass.

We would love to know some highlights of your music journey up until today. What was that triggered your expression through music and specially through electronic music?
Oh, it’s been a long path. Definitely the day I got my first musical instrument from my parents when I was 9 years old (a bass guitar) was the kickstart of my musical journey for real. I take inspiration from all aspects of life - mainly emotions and experiences. I’ve learned a lot from pain, but often that makes some of the most moving and emotional music in your life, so I can be thankful for the painful times as much as the happy in many ways. That makes life more real, you know?! But also, I get really inspired by amazing things such as love, laugh, fun, travel and especially new things.

As an artist how you see the electronic music industry what you love and what you hate? Is the music your main source to get a living? (Including live performances, dj sets, music releases, festivals etc.)
The industry is a monster, right?! It can be gentle but also can eat you alive if you’re not smart enough. One thing many people don’t understand is that there’s room for everybody to shine. Don’t think of it as a competition, or you’ll eventually be smashed. What I love the most is meeting amazing and creative people, from all different backgrounds. That’s what life is about: human interaction.
And yes, I’m lucky enough to say that I can make a living from music. I couldn’t see myself doing anything outside of this world. Music is and always will be my life.

What's your vision about the future of electronic music and business etc.?
I have no idea. No clue whatsoever. Nada.
It’s very unpredictable and it’s changing all the time. The only thing I can “smell” is that it’ll grow and expand more and further. I guess we all need to understand that it’s going to change and evolve, and all we can do it try to evolve with it and adapt to the times. That's not an easy challenge!

We was used to call Techno an "underground genre"...What you believe today for that? What is underground means to you?
Does this make sense anymore?

Techno is not really considered underground, and I do not think it has been considered underground for a long time, in fact it’s quite the opposite. Also, that’s a very polemic subject to talk about, so I’d rather don’t say anything else than I never liked that term because no one has any idea what ‘underground’ is these days, and it always ends up being a nonsense type of discussion. We make what we want, we play what we want and enjoy. Its music, its art and it’s our own personal passion journey.

Are you planning to meet us in Greece in the short future?
Yes, I hope I can be there soon. I love the country and the energy of it. Such a beautiful place with amazing people.

What's your plans for today?
I’ll arrive early in the morning back to Berlin and then I will go straight home! Take a shower, try and eat something healthy and nutritious and then head back to the airport after a few hours rest, as I have a festival to play in the afternoon. Hahaha, it’s always non-stop!

Share with us something positive and motivating?
Be curious. Be silly. Be kind. Be weird.
What I’m saying is - be yourself! Think differently. There’s only one of you in this world, so you better live your life at its fullest. Don’t be afraid of failing. There’s not success without hustling. There are no shortcuts for that. Hard work will always be key and will always pay off. Ah, and don’t forget to breathe!

Victor will have his debut appearance at Awakenings on Saturday 29th June.

Victor Ruiz Interview
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