Interview with tIJN

Interview with tIJN

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Fri 8 Dec 2017

tIJN is the alias of British producer Martyn Hodgson, a man who has a particularly feet touch when it comes to producing intricate electronic music. Typically crafted in a minimal/tech-house vibe, tIJN’s music boasts all the hallmarks of a man who’s spent years honing his craft. His label release offers a case in point in that respect. Released on the emerging Trim Records imprint, it also comes with a brilliantly complimentary remix by Zoo Project regular, Funk E. With all this in mind, we checked in with tIJN recently for a quick chat, as he gave us the lowdown on his relationship with Trim, the label’s distinctive artwork and his favourite pieces of kit…

Can you tell us more about how the collaboration with the artist, Iabo, who designed the artwork came about?
So, the artist Iabo is a friend of a friend of the label owner Andrea, and he’s doing bits for a gallery in Amsterdam combining electronic music and street art. The faces feature heavily in his current collection. Future releases will also feature other artists from the same gallery.

Any releases on your own labels coming up that you're particularly excited about?
Yeah, my label In Haus Wax has just released EP no.10, a VA featuring up and coming producers Miffy&Miller from my home town alongside well established artists CNTRL & Jack Wickham. We’ve got more planned for next year but cant say too much at the moment!

How did the release on Trim come about?
I first met Andrea in ibiza 2012 at our label pool party with DJ Sossa. He then invited us to play at Elements Beach Bar in San Miguel and we have been great friends ever since. He’s such a nice guy, and earlier this year he told me of his exciting plans for his new label and asked if we’d like to get involved…

What’s your favourite piece of kit that you own and why?
I’ve got a few nice bits in the studio but in the last 4 months I’ve been putting together a modular system and I really love it. I get something totally different from it every time i turn it on.

What advice would you give to any young aspiring producers/DJs?
Find your own sound and stick with it.

Will you be making any new years resolutions?
Haha maybe... try and get TIJN Three finished anyway!

What was your favourite release of 2017?
Hard question! But all of Michael James’ EPs on Constant Black I’ve played out loads - such quality!

Where is your favourite place to perform? And why?
This year was my first time at Sisyphos Berlin and for me that’s one of the best places I’d played all year, amazing place, crowd and early morning vibes. Always have a great time in Berlin too!

What can we expect from you in the new year?
More vinyl! Got some nice releases planned and I’m also working on a few collabs with Bolumar , Daines, Rowlanz & Mancini.

tIJN’s ‘Don’t Stay Still’ (ft. a remix from Funk E) is out now on Trim Records.

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