Interview with Resilient

Interview with Resilient

Fast talk with Marko

Editor USM
Thu 18 Jan 2018

Hi Marko and welcome on USM!
The pleasure is mine. Thanks for the opportunity to introduce myself to such innovative platform.

Where are you right now and what are you cooking?
Currently I am in my hometown ( 43° 58' 39.824" N 21° 15' 26.179" E). After seven years of living in Belgrade I needed to change environment. Being a small town dj (producer) with hometown crowd during live performances is right decision for me.

How you describe musically the year that passed and the new "ship" 2018? What you wish for this year?
Last year was like a dream to me. Finally I released long waited project: ‘’Groovy Soul EP’’ for Karmaloft (GER). Spreading worldwide an 8 track album for Hamburg based Nelle Records was such a blast too. Also, I expressed myself in very intimate way with producing Remix Pack EP (two edits) for Rimond Music (SA). Basically, I achieved all studio goals, hope that 018 is gonna be in same production mode.

Your latest release was before one year? Called "Hi-Hats" that's right? What was the most important thing that you got from this release and what we can expect musically from you at the sort future?
I always wanted to make something new, like a fusion of different genres in electronic music. In the summer 017 with that release (last one) I think that I made it. Album contains wide variety of sound with hand made music & vst usage. If you listen it carefully you can also find some influences (mags like Nicolas Jaar or Maceo Plex).

Share with us some insights of your studio and what triggers your inspiration?
Just trying to convert messages near the road during my music / life journey. Music comes spontaneously &  life as itself is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, especially if you live in Serbia.

As an artist how you see the electronic music industry what you love and what you hate? (Including live performances, dj sets, music releases, festivals etc.)
Honestly, it took me a while to find some dope music since 012, 013. That period was like a renaissance, and each one of my dj sets contains those tracks. Lack of creativity disappoints me nowadays (it’s not everything in the kick drum). Also I do not find it attractive when people come to party because of trending (being cool). My goal is to impact audience to enjoy electronic music with all there senses, to relax them so they can feel pure / positive vibes.

What's your vision about the future of electronic music and business etc.?
Well, you can buy everything today, but you can not buy creativity. That is powerful advantage for true (marginalized) artists in music business. With digital revolution, we can spread the world and make success.

Now one favorite question... What's your opinion about the circulation of the same "popular" artists on every big festival? How can an upcoming artist/DJ survive on the scene if the possibility to perform at such events is minimum? There are a lot talented people in the shadows what you would advise them?
I would advise them to connect themselves, so they can build the community. For example I was always enjoying more on smaller music festivals than on the big ones, because people there are musically educated and it’s easier to reach other talented artists for future collabs (workshops).  Dev9t festival in Belgrade was experience like that. Just right people at right place.

We was used to call Techno an "underground genre"...What you believe today for that? What is underground label means to you? 
Definitely techno isn’t underground genre anymore but there are always some labels with artistic approach and no intention to come through everyone’s ears. In my opinion, that is underground.

What's your plans for today?
Right now I am working on my next release for Berlin based ‘’ Instead Recordings’’. It’s collaboration with my Serbian mate Ivan Tanasijevic, and I really looking forward to that.

Share with us something positive and motivating?
Do not listen what people say, what they say is crazy. Just be yourself and do your own thing.

Thank you for your time and good luck! :) Positive vibes from all our team