Icarus in love

Interview with Icarus in love

Interview with Icarus in love

Connect with Nature and become One with the flow and the Universe

Editor USM
Mon 12 Oct 2020

Hi Xhimi and welcome on USM!
Hello Mic. Thank you very much, I'm honored to be part of the USM family.

Where are you right now and what are you cooking?
Currently, I'm based in Athens, Greece. I'm studying automation engineering, while at the same time I make music and enjoy life.

What made you to get involved into music?
I grew up in a small greek island called Ikaria, where music is an essential part of the local culture. I was always passionate about music. At the age of 10, my brother who is 12 years older than me, introduced me to electronic music  and  I knew that something happened inside me. I was 14 years old when I started playing at house parties , local bars and clubs for money and pleasure, then my music & arts teacher in high school gave me this cubase disk and that's how It all started.

Tell us a few words about yourself, your life routine?
I live in Koukaki, Athens, when I don't work I like to hang out with my friends and enjoy life, walk around acropolis, pursue amazing views of the city ,talk about our ideas and experience the beauty of human interaction. I love meeting new people . I make music almost every day the last 5 years because this my way to express myself and release some of the tension of the everyday big city center life.

Share with us some insights of your studio and what triggers your inspiration?
I use Ableton live  and my procces is completely digital. I love to use recordings from the places we go with my friends on my tracks . I get inspired from love, human relationships, raving  and life. From nature and the city sounds as well as the view of the city at night from above.

Also, I enjoy creating art with friends and experiment on new musical paths shelling the moment with a track that will reminds us for ever how we felt back then.

As an artist how you see the electronic music industry what you love and what you dislike?
I really like the fact that techno is now more know to people and the new generations are getting evolved more and more into the scene, the music technology and the industry.

I love the culture, the people at the raves and the vibe, we all connect, people from all these backgrounds become one while hypnotized under the frequencies of the sonic spectrum.

I don't like the excessive drug usage that is sometimes promoted through the scene, because I believe that this is distorting the true meaning of music and the real extacy you get from life.

Some news about your future music projects?
It's a pleasure for me to release my 'Lost' Ep on USM Recordings on October 15.

I'm focused on finishing my tracks and being creative right now. A lot of new music is coming as well as some old tracks that I'm testing a long time on the dance floor.

Also, working on tracks with AgainstMe. And a project with The Moons Tirade.

What's your vision about the future of electronic music?
I think that technology is evolving very fast and that affects electronic music, the sound the live performance, the promotion and the experience of raving.
I believe that breaks and ambient tacks will rise as well as dubstep and drum and bass, combined with a new experience of  clubbing including high end sound systems on every corner of the planet.

What's your plans for today?
Today I'll go at the fillopappou hill with my friends, and we'll have a picnic, to  celebrate that our friend Kostas is moving to Berlin.

Share with us something positive and motivating?
Love, love  yourself and the others, enjoy life and human interaction, be intentional, face your fears and let go of your insecurities Connect with Nature and become One with the flow and the Universe.

Create and share Art.

Thank you for your time and good luck! :) Positive vibes from all our team

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Icarus in love
Icarus in loveIcarus in loveIcarus in loveIcarus in loveIcarus in love