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Anja Schneider

Fast talk with Anja Schneider (Mobilee Records)

Fast talk with Anja Schneider (Mobilee Records)

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Sun 10 Apr 2016

‘5 Years Anniversary of mobilee records – a small trip’
The five years that have passed for mobilee records, have definitely been the best five years of my life so far! I have been meeting really interesting, talented and funny people. These people will always be important to me and I’m really glad that I am still working with them.  We have had some great parties – all our label showcases when we get to party together and our events at Sonar.

‘The Future Of mobilee’
Times are changing, in fact they’ve been changing for a while, and for this we have to stay on our toes and adapt.  Record sales are in a difficult situation, not just at mobilee but across the industry, so we want to develop all sides of our business so that each area can support the other.  I hope we are still doing what we love in years to come, with passion and hard work I’m sure we can make it happen.

‘mobilee & Sonar festival 2010?’
This year at Sonar we have a lot planned – more than ever! We have a label showcase at City Hall on Wednesday 16th and on Thursday 17th, for the first time, we are going to party on the Spanish waves and host a boat for the afternoon. You can buy tickets for these parties on RA here:

We also have two parties on the rooftop of the Hotel Diagonal – with Diynamic and Supplement Facts, I can’t wait!

Anja Schneider

‘The First Record You Ever Bought?’
Bonny M – ‘Night Flight to Venus’ haha don’t tell anybody!

‘Favourite Album to play?’
This is very difficult. To listen to at home – ‘Greatest Hits of Johnny Cash’

‘Analogue or digital?’

‘Mobilee in a colour palette?’
Silver, grey and gold….

Anja SchneiderAnja SchneiderAnja Schneider