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Editor Odisseas Panierakis
Thu 29 Dec 2016

You shared with your fans on Facebook that you’ll spend Christmas at home for the first time in 6 years. I guess this is one of the many sacrifices that you have to make in order to be a successful DJ. What are the perks of being a touring artist?
There are many perks assuming you enjoy always travelling. I really enjoy meeting new people all the time and listening to their stories.  I have learnt so much about different cultures while travelling the world every year. I really love it.  Over the years I have also made many friends all over the world. Its nice to be able to land in Tokyo or Buenos Aires and be able to have dinner with a good friend.

Is one of the perks mentioned above working with a legend like Carl Cox? You are this week’s guest on his Global radio show.
I would not really call this a perk. Working with Carl Cox has always been a pleasure for me as well as him. I produced the very first release on his Intec label and we go back a long time. I respect Carl immensely, and appreciate that he is a fan of my music.

Since we are finishing off 2016 with your exclusive mix, let’s do a recap of your year. What was this year’s highlight moment for Christian Smith?
There have been many highlights. I did around 120 gigs in 30 countries, but what really impressed me the most was the Tronic Beach Festival during Sonar in Barcelona. We had around 4-5,000 people dancing on the beach and the vibe was incredible from beginning to end. What made this party special was that it’s free. It feels good to sometimes do events like this.

What’s coming up next on Tronic? Do you have anything to tease?
Albums by Eric Sneo, Drunken Kong, Victor Ruiz and many good singles! We never sleep ;)

You’ll be on Club Division in Thessaloniki on 5th January. If you had to describe your upcoming gig to the fans here in Greece with one track, what would that be?

Christian Smith – Initiate-Sequence (Julian JeweilRemix) POWER! ;)

Christian Smith
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