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Mixshow with Tikis

Mixshow with Tikis

Designer, Producer & Art Director Founder member of the Greek diligent duo 9west, Tikis has effectively spent his last fifteen years either mixing or producing, sometimes doing both while performing live. A most acclaimed underground Dj, his sets feature darkish & moody but always cutting-edge music from across the tech to house spectrum. With his 9west outfit he released on industry powerhouses Dessous, Liebe*Detail,Nite Groove,
King Street records & Klik with his first album.

After years of conceiving and delivering sets for diverse crowds in Berlin, Paris, Frankfurt, Lausanne, Moscow and Mexico city and others such a places, tikis is back in the studio to produce solo music. He has worked with Steve Bug, Nicola Gala, Kruse & Nuernberg, AlexKid and Uglh with some remixes.
As very few can claims his instinct for sound that is tried and tested over the years across multiple platforms and audiences, some very exciting things will surely be coming along.

Watch out !


Mixshow with Tikis
Mixshow with Tikis