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Mixshow 7




Mixshow with Prosis

Spiros Stravoravdis (aka PROSIS) was born in Corfu in 1979. Fascinated by digital media in 1999 moved to Athens, studying music technology and while recording chill out and down tempo music on various labels. Fast starts djing and playing alongside international Dj's like ANTHONY PAPPA,TOM STEPHAN, FUTURESHOCK, MANDY, SISTER BLISS,TERRY LEE BROWN JR, THE TIMEWRITER, SEB FONTAINE,JOE CLAUSSELL,KEVIN YOST,PABLO FIERRO etc. Since 2005 he is in the roster of The Sound of everything records based in Athens-Greece and released his first solo album as well as several releases and Remixes worldwide in Different Labels (Dutchie Music,Grouper Records,Perception Music, DeepWit Records, Lens Media Music, Underground City Music, Ready Mix Records) winning great positions in the domestic charts. He's also the founder of The Sound Of Everything Deep doing The A&R for The Deep House Genre you can find His Releases and Remixes in all major Digital Record shops.