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Mixshow with Mikee

Going back to 1993 Mikee began his musical journey into DJing as a resident DJ at Factory Club in Athens. Inspired from Detroit underground techno sounds and afro beats, combined with his wide music knowledge he created a unique tribal techno style of his own which made him push his sound a little bit more to the diverse techno DJ sets everyone now recognizes In the underground scene of Athens.

For him the top peak of his DJ career was the invitation of London’s most famous underground club Fabric along with top class DJs and producers. Since then he has been a resident DJ at various Clubs including U-matic and on Blend and Qbase events. This season Mikee is appearing again as the resident DJ at Blend club and events, as well as at QBASE events in numerous clubs in Greece and abroad.

Contact: mikee@qbaseathens.com