Mixshow 15




Mixshow with Jaymod

Dj "Jaymod" (Dimitris Mouhteros) was born in Greece (Serres) in 1977 A true vinyl lover, spins exclusive with turntables for more than 20 years now.

Jaymod ‘s genuinely inspired musical style has granted him recognition among the dance community and earned him numerous dj gigs in various venues; from dingy illegal warehouses to beach parties, outdoor festivals and clubs, such as Batofar ( Paris ) , Tresor (Berlin) , Sensor (Cologne) , Plasma ( BG) , Reworks and Art is Hard festivals in Thessaloniki Together with his partner in crime Dim.Ad , they perform back to back

His passion about detail and precision, make him take extra care in constantly renovating and perfecting his performances. Jaymod's mixing outlines his ability to produce a uniquely tight set, blending sounds of groovy minimalistic tech house with modern grooves. And when it comes to the dancefloor, he clearly focuses in managing his full creativity and experience to score a powerful interaction with an up-for-it crowd. Although hanging on the underground tunes, he remains sensitive to the people's desire to reach a common vision: a night full of motion, excitement & ultimate joy.