Mixshow 22




Mixshow with Fuji

George Foutsitzis aka Fuji. Born in 1980 in Drama, Greece. His music delivers elements which link both the Chicago and Detroit house scene as well as the purest and wicked electronica sounds found in Berlin. His creativity and depth, both as producer and as Dj is one of the things that defines him!

Music released on numerous record labels including BACK&FORTH, HIGH STRINGS, RHYTHMETIC along with the support from a various selection of artists such as Dj Sneak, Luciano, Gel Abril, Adriano Filippucci, Cosmic Cowboys, Echonomist, Ekkohaus, shows that fuji is both a respected and accomplished producer.

His true passion and talent for quality electronic music is not limited only to the studio and music production. He never fails to impress performing as a dj with his blend of quality house and tech-house tracks on his sets, which has matured and developed through all these year, since 1992 !

Fuji has established his profile over the past years , as a reference for quality electronic music which has led him to developed as a innovative artist, dedicated producer and vibrant DJ with a promising future and a fresh mind .Stay tuned.More are scheduled to come.