Mpampis Tsonis

  • Interview with Tendts
    Sun 10 Jul 2016

    Interview with Tendts

    Tendts consists of Fotis and Christos. They are two young and very talented brothers from Thessaloniki. Their work has been released by labels like the Berlin-based Project Mooncircle, the...

  • Tendts USM
    Tue 28 Jun 2016

    Tendts - Cheap Poetry

    It is a great pleasure of mine to talk about Tendts, two young and very talented brothers from Thessaloniki, who released their first full album. The two brothers (Fotis and Christos) have already a strong performance in the music scene of Thessaloniki and beyond for several years.

  • Moomin - A Minor Thought
    Tue 26 Apr 2016

    Moomin - A Minor Thought

    The Berliner dj and producer, Sebastian Genz AKA Moomin, was introduced to the audience four years ago, when he released his first album "Story about you". After this promising start followed many releases on labels, such as: Aim, in the Closer company and Fuck Reality. His career continues to pr...