Angelos Kouklakis

  • Interview with Smash TV
    Tue 31 May 2016

    Interview with Smash TV

    Based in Berlin, Smash TV has been a music duo for the last 15 years, producing dynamic tech house in labels, such as BPitch Control, Get Physical and Culprit.

    Recently, they have released "Vespertine" EP in the interesting label of My Favorite Robot. We had a conversation with them about...

  • Interview with Phon.o
    Mon 16 May 2016

    Interview with Phon.o

    One of the basic representative of the modern electronic music. His music is difficulty labeled under one genre. Carsten Aermes, also known as Phon.o is releasing music with some of the most interesting record labels around. Since 2011, Phon.o is part of the Berlin based label 50Weapons gaining a...

  • Interview Moon Harbour (Dan Drastic)
    Sat 16 Apr 2016

    Interview Moon Harbour (Dan Drastic)

    Moon Harbour is more than 15 years alive. How do you feel about that? Is something that you imagined happening when you released your first catalog #?

  • Luna City Express
    Sat 16 Apr 2016

    Interview with Luna City Express

    Music and nightlife inspired both of them from early on. Norman often accompanied his father, a musician and DJ, on tour where absorbed a melting pot of party music, from Funk and Disco to HipHop and Acid Jazz. At 14 he heard his first Chicago House Mix on tape – a musical revelation and the begi...