PLAYdifferently announced Model 1.4

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Wed 27 Jan 2021

With MODEL 1 PLAYdifferently hit the apex of pure analogue DJ mixer design. Now they are bringing MODEL 1 performance to an ultra-compact 4-channel design, ideal for home studio use, or as the ultimate tour-able analogue mixer…so you can take your analogue core wherever you go.

PLAYdifferently Model 1.4

PLAYdifferently announced Model 1.4

A compact 4-channel processional mixer

With MODEL 1 PLAYdifferently hit the apex of pure analogue DJ mixer design. Now they are bringing MODEL 1 performance to an ultra-compact 4-channel design, ideal for home studio use, or as the ultimate tour-able analogue mixer…so you can take your analogue core wherever you go.

Engineered by Andy Rigby-Jones and co-designed by Richie Hawtin with feedback from artists, clubs and engineers, MODEL 1.4 features the same uncompromising approach to build quality, precision and detail that set MODEL 1 in a class of its own.

Four years after the launch of the acclaimed and award-winning MODEL 1 DJ mixer,PLAYdifferently are bringing the same unrivalled analogue experience to MODEL 1.4, a compact 4-channel design with the same uncompromising approach.

“With MODEL 1 we set out to build a new breed of DJ mixer, more akin to an instrument, with levelsof control and quality that inspired creativity,” say Hawtin. “We always felt a compact version wouldbe welcomed in home studios and perfect for streaming. At a more affordable price, but with nocompromise to the purity of design and components, this is a smaller format MODEL 1 with fourchannels, perfect for the home, as a compact club mixer, or as a nimble tour instrument.

”With a price of $2,299/€2,199, MODEL 1.4 cuts no corners. Built in the UK and sharing MODEL 1’s100% analogue design, key features include four stereo channels, two stereo send and returnchannels, two mix outputs and two high performance phono preamps. Each channel also has its ownhi- and low-pass filters, precision SCULPT EQ and analogue overdrive circuit.Just like MODEL 1, MODEL 1.4 also boasts two independent cue systems, D-Sub I/O for highend sound card integration and the Mixer Link system that allows multiple PLAYdifferently mixers tobe linked together, giving you a truly scalable system to grow with your ambitions and not limit yourcreative possibilities.

MODEL 1.4 can be used standalone or paired with a MODEL1 using unique mixer-link functionality to deliver an unrivalled 10-Channel Live mix experience.

MODEL 1.4 Features

2 stereo sends

The two AUX controls send the channel signal to the Aux mix outputs for use with external effects processors or, in some applications, local monitors. AUX 1 offers either PRE or POST FADE while AUX 2 is internally set to post fader.

2 high performance phono preamps

2 high performance turntable inputs, optimized for the club environment in order to minimise the tonal imbalance between vinyl and Digital audio, and to eliminate sub frequency feedback. Each phono input has its own Individual Turntable Earth Binding for greater flexibility.

2 stereo returns

Two basic stereo channels for use as return inputs from external effects processors or other sources. Each return features TRIM to adjust the return signal, input DRIVE circuit, and CUE routing to both Cue A and Cue B. Each Return also feature Metering for visual feedback of the signal level, a rotary LEVEL fader to adjust Mix amount and combined Return 1-2 Low Cut EQ and Master Filter routing.

Studio grade faders

Custom TKD 60mm faders. These twin rails faders have been carefully chosen to ensure long life and smooth operation and feature a heavy feel for greater precision.

Precision Sculpting EQ

SCULPT is a semi-parametric swept bell filter, and consist of two controls,FREQ which sets the centre frequency and CUT/BOOST which adjust the gain or a attenuation at this frequency. The level of cut/boost is asymmetric; maximum boost is limited to +8dB, while the cut is extended to -20dB. Sculpt has a wide Q and a frequency range that covers almost seven octaves.

Contouring low & high pass filters

As the name implies these two controls allow you to “contour” the frequency range of the audio signal. They consist of low Q, High-Pass and Low-Pass filters designed not to add colour to the sound as they are swept across their frequency range.

Analog overdrive

A unique feature on every input, the DRIVE control. This control allows the user to adjust the level at which the channel pre-amplifier clips the input signal, thus creating harmonic distortion as a creative effect.


Two independent Cue systems, A and B. Cue A routes to the right-hand side headphone monitor and the Cue B routes to the left hand headphone monitor. The DualCue system makes it much easier for two DJs to perform on the mixer together in "Back2Back" setups, as each can select a separate channel to monitor without interfering with the other. This feature also assists DJ's handing off to each other in a smooth and natural way.

Mixer Link

A system that allows multiple mixers to be linked together, either for use with two or more performers, or as a way to expand the number of channels. When Linked together the mixers share a common balanced mix feeding the PA and Booth monitors. In addition, the two Cue systems are joined allowing interactive cueing between multiple performers.

Balanced Mix Bus

Fully balanced main mix bus (usually only found in very high end analogue studio consoles) – resulting in >110dB of dynamic range, improved hum rejection, lower noise and crosstalk.

Master high & low pass resonant filters

The Master Filter consists of a High-Pass Filter (HPF), a Low-Pass Filter (LPF), and a resonance control (RES) to adjust the sharpness of the High-Pass filter. The Master Filter can be used as a swept frequency performance effect, or as pre-set frequency mix tool to instantly cut the Low or High frequencies of any channel routed to the Filter. Signals can be routed to the MF by the Filter select switch found on each channel.

Three-band master EQ

Three-Band Master EQ with asymmetric cut and boost, -20/+6dB which can be used as a performance affect, as well as a frequency correction tool.

Two-band Booth EQ

A 2-Band equaliser allowing the user to adjust the frequency response of the Booth monitors to suit their own preference.

100% analog

Smooth intuitive controls matched with warm pure analogue circuitry.

ZERO Crossing Circuitry

All internal routing utilizes our zero-crossing detection system that helps minimize audio switching artifacts for channel filter selection, master filter on/off and master eq on/off. This system allows each of these functions to be used quickly and intuitively as performance effects.

Quality Components

Beautifully smooth components each controlling one specific function for intuitive on-the-fly creative performances.

External Power supply

Powered by an external 90W 24V universal voltage PSU. Internally, the 24 volts from the external supply, is converted to just under +/- 20V for the analogue power rails by using high frequency switching technology, giving MODEL 1.4 some of the highest signal headroom of any professional mixer, irrespective of its application.

Locking PSU Input

MODEL 1.4’s external PSU is terminated with a locking connector for added reliability and to avoid accidental disconnects.

Built in the UK

Built in the UK with our partners Audiotonix using alloy/steel chassis for maximum strength and minimum weight optimised for touring, club and performance situations.

D-Sub Out

Fully balanced TASCAM DB25 output for sending Master, Aux 1 & 2 Sends and Cue B channels down a single connector for rapid connections to external soundcards and added flexibility in club installs.

D-Sub In

A fully balanced TASCAM DB25 input receiving four Stereo channels for rapid connections to external soundcards and added flexibility in club installs.

Front mounted record Out

Mounted on the front panel at the top of the Master section the RECORD OUT - 3.5mm TRS Jack socket feeds the post Master EQ signal as a pre- fader record output. Nominal level is –2dB

MODEL 1.4 Technical Specifications
Maximum output level  +28dBu Balanced, +23dBu Unbalanced
Output Impedance  50R Balanced, 68R Unbalanced
Residual Noise  -100dBu Un-weighted, 22Hz to 20k
Dynamic range  > 112dB
Frequency Response  20Hz - 40kHz +0/-2dB
Distortion (THD+N)  0.008% Line In to Mix 1 out, 0dBu Unity Gain
Inter-channel Crosstalk  < -100dB
Left/Right Crosstalk  -80dB 1kHz
Power consumption  45W maximum
Weight  5.00kg
Dimensions  L 368mm x W 248mm x H 111mm

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