Echonomist presents Nebula LP Tour Video

Echonomist presents Nebula LP Tour Video

Video By Madorasindahouse

It's the year 2017 and we're proud to present „Nebula“ - the second full on artist album on Upon.YouRecords and the longplay debut for our Greek longtime friend Petros Manganaris, better known under his Echonomist moniker to all followers of electronic club music, who first appeared on Upon.You Digital back in 2009 and contributed to our catalogue on a regular ever since.

Born, raised and still located in the scenic city of Thessaloniki the Greek producer started his electronic explorations at a young age when he was gifted a basic synthesizer by his family, with the intention of him learning to perform traditional music for family entertainment purposes. But obviously plans didn't work out as intended and young Petros was rather interested in creating weird and twisted sounds and laying down early tape recordings.
Progressing from this raw beginnings he evolved into Downtempo later and recorded three studio albums with his band / electronic fusion project 'IνΦο' until 2009 – all of them well received in the Greek electronic music scene. Throughout this time and heavily influenced by artists and labels Maurizio, Carl Craig, Black Dog, Underground Resistance, Echocord and the likes of, Petros picked up on DJ'ing and created his Echonomist moniker which combined his freshly acquired accounting diploma then meant to be his real life profession and his love for echo-heavy Dub and DubTechno music.

This combination surely was a lucky one as his production efforts under the Echonomist name soonwere recognized by labels like Dessous Recordings, Time Has Changed, Resopal and Upon.You Records and others, his career both as a producer and a DJ picked up pace and lead to a string of numerous bookings, releases and remixes ever since.

In his longplay debut „Nebula“ we see Echonomist not only provide a space-themed title for an album but also pay homage to the artists influential to him with an masterly crafted array of classic Techno tunes as well as excursions into Ambient- and Electronica-informed territories.

With the album opener „Cosmos“ we're taken right into space with shimmering cascades of (Neo)Cosmic synth sounds and warm embracing bass tones reminiscent of the works of early Synth masters before the „Crescent Moon“ leads us straight onto the dancefloor with a well pumping foundation, sparse and spatial percussionbits as well as beautiful atmospheres and intertwined melodic layers for Deep Techno floors.

Following up is „Free Fall“, a minimalistic, repetetive vision of Detroit-influenced beauty presenting acaptivating and ever evolving crystalline main motif floating all over sawtooth bass attacks, free-falling towards the fascinating colour variations of the Horsehead Nebula and beyond whilst the title track „Nebula“ weighs in more iridescent references to (Neo)Cosmic all spread over a solid Techno / TechHouse crossover.

Furthermore „Agony“ represents the darker, slightly more dramatic side of Echonomist's musical work, providing plenty of energy for buzzing venues, „Perasma“ comes across as a deep, slightly Acid-infused, ever morphing Ambient effort and the „Sofa Surfer“ rides a pumping wave of bass heavy Techno whilst setting peaktime floors on fire with a seductive combination of stabs and spacedout, well-tripping synth movements.

„Meonas“, a studio collaboration with Thodoris Triantafillou, once again focuses on the fascination ofminimalist arrangements and combines these with dragging piano figures to a stunning effect, creating an ad-hoc future classic whilst „ΑΑΩ“ caters the needs of all those loving the sound of motor city in a quite anthemic, well- panoramic manner and the concluding „Metamorphosis“ interweaves more (Neo)Cosmic synth fountains, flickering strings, analogue basslines and a good portion of dope beats to finally wave goodbye with a wistful twist and showcase another variation of Echonomist's well-varied body of work that'll be even more appreciated and recognized after this fascinating longplay piece.