Kreon - Electronic Seikilos Participation

Fri 7 Oct 2016

Markos Spanoudakis aka Kreon is one of the finest exports Greece has offered the electronic music scene. His debut solo releases and co-productions with friend and compatriot Lemos on Below, Robsoul, Be Chosen and Resopal Recordings landed simultaneously in 2007 and featured in the record boxes and charts of most renowned DJs; Ricardo Villalobos labeled ‘’Roza’’ one of his favorite tracks of the year. These releases, loaded with a percussive, mutating and jazz tipped sound, represented a fine blend of techno and house, which to this day is established as one of the main music currents.

This string of releases earned Kreon many sets at some of the world’s best nightclubs. Numerous bookings at Panorama Bar (Berlin), Space (Ibiza), Rex (Paris), Concrete (Paris), Culture Box (Copenhagen), Tenax (Florence), Fabric (London), Watergate (Berlin) and Barraca (Valencia)signaled the beginning for Markos, who has been travelling around the globe since. A lifelong vinyl addict with a massive personal collection, Kreon’s DJ sets are based solely on his vinyl records and represent a concoction of deep moving rhythms, subtle bass lines and intricate sound design, always with a touch of soul; a result of his compulsive record digging habit. More releases followed soon in labels such as Plastic City and Cecille, earning Kreon US and South American Tours and more DJ slots in Ibiza and Europe.

In 2012 he moved to London in order to go further, into a deeper territory of audio experimentation, completing an MA Degree in Sound Design, which offered him a whole new skill set. His new approach on sound earned him releases on Sammy Dee’s Ultrastretch (DE), Aeternum (FR) and Concealed Sounds (DEN) along with his new vinyl only projects with Alex Celler and Lemos called ‘Sylphe’ (as Holdie Gawn) and ‘Equivalence’ respectively.
With an EP coming upon Serialism, expect to experience the results of manyyear’s work in his hardware-based studio, which has been steadily growing.



Greatest Hits EP (w/ Lemos) (12", EP) Resopal 2007
Roza (12", EP) (w/ Lemos) Be Chosen 2007
Lookooshere EP (w/ Lemos) (12", EP) Resopal 2007
Shake N Make EP (12", EP) Below 2007
Gagnant EP (12", EP) Resopal Red 2008
Hey Jack EP (12", EP) Cecille 2008
SandWish EP (12", EP) Robsoul Recordings 2008
Floppy EP (12", EP) WelcomeToMasomenos 2009
Matou EP (w/ Lemos &Masomenos) (12", EP) WelcomeToMasomenos 2009
720p (12”, EP) Blind Stitch 2009
Deeploy (12”, EP) Quantized 2010
Seven Pillars (12”, EP) Air London 2010
Gnopph (12”, EP) Robsoul 2011
Revolution (12”, EP) Plastic City 2011
Club tracks Vol.8 (w/ Lemos) (12”,EP) We Are 2011
Nice Day Remixes (w/ Lemos) (12”, EP) Resopal 2012
Muet (12”, EP) Kina Music 2012
Globerip (12”, EP) Ultrastretch 2014
Loferte (12”, EP) Aeternum 2014
Part 1 (w/ Lemos) (12”, EP) Equivalence 2015
Yosonne (12”, EP) Equivalence 2015
Forstyll (12”, EP) Concealed 2016
Valtera (12”, EP) Serialism 2016
Part 2 (w/ Lemos) (12” , EP) Equivalence 2017

Remixes (vinyl):

The Remixes EP (12", EP) Movida (Kreon's Marmol remix) Be Chosen 2008
Toshiban (12") Toshiban (Kreon & Lemos remix) Perplex Recordings 2008
Future is bright EP (12") Aputicat (Kreon tacituparmx) Sunplay 2008
Feelarmonics EP (12") Panoflutamin (Kreon remix) Immigrant Recordings 2008
The rat (12") The rat (Kreon remix) Freerange Records 2008
Susp. behaviourrmxs (12") Suspicious behaviour (Kreon rmx) Rhythmetic 2008
Shadow Chocker EP (12") Shadow Chocker (Kreon mix) Rotary Cocktail 2009
Catwash album (12") Groovabilisme (Kreon mix) Catwash 2009
The Healer (12") The healer (Kreon Lindermanrmx) Morris Audio 2009
The Ride (12") The ride (Kreon Saber rider rmx) Suruba 2009
Gentz (12") Gentz (Kreon rmx) We are 2009
Hozho (12") Hozho (Kreon coolwhiprmx) Manocalda 2009
Attentionermxs (12") Any one (Kreon someone's in acid rmx) BCB 2009
Got2b (12") Got2b (Kreon dUb mix) Souvenir 2009
Close to the edge (12") Close to the edge (Kreon remix) Quartz music 2009
Hann (12") Hann (Kreon remix) Beef 2009
Natural Wax (12") Natural Wax (Kreon Waxoffskyrmx) Ready made 2010
Played (12") Played (Kreon's takin it slow rmx) Just Gazing 2011
Andreas Bergmann – I ll undress you at night (Kreon mix) Moral Fiber 2012
StathisLazarides – Untold Drama (Kreon & Alex Celler Remix) Bodyparts 2013
Lemos (12”) – Kayikci (Kreon Edit) Six Dogs Records 2014
Denis Kaznacheev (12”) – Cheerful Gait to the Wicked Witch (KreonRmx) Wrong State 2015
Dans Mon Salon (12”) – Seabed (Kreon Pas Shock Rmx) Amplify 2016
IlarioLiburni (12”) – Tiny little squares (Kreon RTFM rmx) Cardinal 2016
Salt (12”) – Vuhre (Kreon remix) Tupiar Records 2016

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