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Nick Devon is definitely one of the...

Interview with Nick Devon

Editor USM

Nick Devon is definitely one of the most talented Greek producers – having formed his own personal sounds. When one listens to his latest productions with Steyoyoke, he can certainly understand those elements for which he has become widely recognized. Based on Techno, Nick Devon presents his version, his journey to the electronic music. Due to his latest release " Nick Devon Presents Authentic Steyoyoke " at Steyoyoke, he shared with us some of his thoughts.

Interview with Nick Devon


USM presents “Electronic Seikilos” Music Compilation

USM presents “Electronic Seikilos”

This compilation intends to promote Greek artists and feature the contemporary Greek electronic scene. USM aspires to highlight the research for electronic music, in an attempt to study and present sounds and melodies, composed by known- or not- artists. Simultaneously, this action will function as a stimulus for younger artists who want to come in touch with electronic music.

The first collection will be comprised by 12 tracks, by 12 Greek artists, and it will be accompanied by audiovisual material as well as interviews by t...


Interview Delano Smith 1

Fast talk with Delano Smith

A bit busy with Touring and working on my upcoming releases - but I love what I do so it’s all good!

The days are passing by and as we’re getting closer to the end of the summer, we are also approaching the launch of the Odyssia Festival - which will be held at Cariocas Beach Bar. Only few days before the beginning of the festival, I had the chance to chat with one of the heroes of Detroit, Delano Smith. He is one of the biggest names participating on the Odyssia Festival this year.

Mixshow with Nick Devon

MixShow 37

Nick Devon